Microsoft Windows PowerShell 3.0 First Look

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  • Use enhancements to modules such as updatable help and cmdlet auto discovery
  • Harness the Show-Command to view commands and help in a graphical user interface
  • Employ the new usability improvements to cmdlets such as Where-Object and Get-ChildItem
  • Develop and utilize Windows Workflow for PowerShell
  • Install and configure the PowerShell web service
  • Understand the basics of new Windows Management Implementation features
  • Discover many of the new built-in cmdlet offerings found in Windows 8 and Windows Server 8

In an ever growing and changing computer industry, learning how to manage systems effectively is necessary for any administrator. The new features in PowerShell 3.0 extend the already impressive language to support new features that makes working with complex and distributed systems simpler and faster.

Microsoft Windows PowerShell 3.0 First Look offers a quick look into the new features available in the most recent version of the language. Quick, to-the-point examples ensure that you will be able to easily understand the new features.

Starting with simple syntactical changes all the way through Windows Worflow integration, you will learn through concise feature analysis and simple examples.

Throughout this book you will get to grips with changes to the language to aid usability – making administrators' lives easier. New features will be explored such as Windows Workflow integration and extended WMI capabilities. This book includes a chapter outlining some of the most important new cmdlets and modules found in Windows 8 and Windows Server 8.

Microsoft Windows PowerShell 3.0 First Look will provide a jump start for administrators or power users who want to grasp new features, language changes, and cmdlet offerings found in the new version of Microsoft PowerShell.

  • Explore and experience the new features found in PowerShell 3.0
  • Understand the changes to the language and the reasons why they were implemented
  • Discover new cmdlets and modules available in Windows 8 and Server 8
  • Quickly get up to date with the latest version of Powershell with concise descriptions and simple examples
Page Count 200
Course Length 6 hours 0 minutes
ISBN 9781849686440
Date Of Publication 2 Oct 2012


Adam Driscoll

Adam Driscoll is a young and enthusiastic Software Developer and Team Lead at Quest Software. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Adam attended Edgewood College in Madison, WI and was hired shortly thereafter by Quest. He has experience in authoring PowerShell modules and providers in both .NET and PowerShell, building PowerShell development tools for developers and administrators and frequently blogs about .NET technologies.