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Microsoft BizTalk 2010: Line of Business Systems Integration

Kent Weare , Richard Seroter, Sergei Moukhnitski , Thiago Almeida, Carl Darski

A practical guide to integrating Line of Business systems with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 in this book and eBook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849681902
Paperback536 pages

About This Book

  • Deliver integrated Line of Business solutions more efficiently with BizTalk Server 2010 using this book and ebook.
  • Obtain pre-requisite ERP and CRM knowledge that will make your integration project successful.
  • Examine ways to integrate with leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like SAP and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.
  • Study techniques used to integrate with leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like and Dynamics CRM 2011.
  • Expand your integration capabilities into the cloud by exploring the AppFabric Service Bus. Send and receive messages via the Microsoft Cloud securely.
  • Learn from distinguished authors with hands on experience. Utilize their step by step solutions to reduce the amount of time it takes to integrate Line of Business systems using BizTalk Server 2010.

Who This Book Is For

If you are an experienced BizTalk developer who wants to integrate BizTalk with Line of Business systems using practical scenarios, then this book is for you. A solid understanding of BizTalk at an intermediate level is required. This book assumes developers are comfortable creating schemas, maps, orchestrations, ports and messages in Visual Studio and configuring applications in the BizTalk Administration Console. However, experience in integrating with Line of Business systems is not necessarily required.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Consuming ASDK-based Adapters
Understanding the ASDK-based adapter
ASDK-based Adapters vs. WCF services
Using the ASDK development tools
The WCF-Custom adapter and SOAP actions
ASDK tools and features
Chapter 2: WCF LOB SQL Adapter
Supported operations
Consuming ASDK SQL Adapter in Visual Studio
ASDK SQL adapter examples
Chapter 3: Integrating BizTalk Server and Microsoft Dynamics CRM
What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
Why Integrate Dynamics CRM and BizTalk Server?
Communicating from BizTalk Server to Dynamics CRM
Communicating from Dynamics CRM to BizTalk Server
Chapter 4: WCF SAP Adapter—Sending and Receiving IDOCs
Why do people use SAP?
Installation of WCF SAP Adapter
Testing BizTalk Application
Custom IDOCs
Chapter 5: WCF SAP Adapter RFCs and BAPIs
Overview of SAP RFCs and BAPIs
Schema generation
Custom vs. out-of-box RFCs/BAPIs
Building a BizTalk application—RFC walkthrough
Testing BizTalk application—RFC walkthrough
Building a BizTalk application—BAPI walkthrough
Testing BizTalk application—BAPI walkthrough
Tips, pitfalls, and troubleshooting
Chapter 6: BizTalk Integration with Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus
What is Windows Azure AppFabric?
Publishing Service Bus messages to BizTalk Server
Publishing BizTalk Server messages to the Service Bus
Chapter 7: Integrating with SharePoint 2010
SharePoint and BizTalk integration: Why SharePoint is better with BizTalk
Understanding the components of SharePoint and BizTalk integration
Installation of Windows SharePoint Services Adapter Web Service
Windows SharePoint Services Adapter configuration
Receiving documents from SharePoint
Sending documents to SharePoint
Chapter 8: Integrating with SharePoint 2010 Web Services
SharePoint List overview
SharePoint's List Web Services
Consuming SharePoint List scenario walkthrough
Creating Custom SharePoint List
Custom List GUIDs
Building BizTalk application
Chapter 9: Microsoft Dynamics AX
What is Dynamics AX?
Methods of integration with AX
Installing the adapter and .NET Business Connector
Configuring Dynamics AX 2009 Application Integration Framework for BizTalk Adapter
Synchronous walkthrough example—currency exchange rates
Asynchronous walkthrough example—Dynamics AX message outflow
Using the .NET business connector
Other development and configuration notes
Chapter 10: Integrating BizTalk Server and
What is
Why integrate and BizTalk Server?
Communicating from BizTalk Server to
Communicating from to BizTalk Server

What You Will Learn

  • Explore some of the inner workings of the WCF LOB SDK and WCF Custom Adapter
  • Learn how to retrieve and manipulate data using popular operations exposed by WCF SQL Adapter
  • Understand some of the technical and political challenges of integrating with SAP
  • Learn the difference between SAP IDOCs, BAPIs and RFCs
  • Discover Microsoft’s AppFabric Service bus and learn how to build BizTalk solutions that complement Microsoft’s Service bus in the Windows Azure Cloud
  • Build integrated SharePoint solutions using the Windows SharePoint Services Adapter and SharePoint Web Services
  • Understand how to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 using the BizTalk adapter and .Net business connector
  • Discover how to establish bi-directional connectivity between CRM and your on-premise services

In Detail

Microsoft BizTalk is an integration and connectivity server solution that allows businesses to connect disparate systems easily. In today’s business climate of mergers and acquisitions, more and more enterprises are forced to exchange data across disparate Line of Business systems using integration brokers like BizTalk Server 2010. What is often overlooked when integrating these systems is the pre-requisite knowledge that ERP and CRM systems demand in order to effectively integrate them. No longer is this knowledge locked up in the heads of expensive consultants. Gain an edge within your organization by developing valuable skills in the area of Line of Business integration from this book.

This book will show you how to integrate BizTalk with Line of Business systems using practical scenarios. Each chapter will take a Line of Business system, introduce some pre-requisite knowledge and demonstrate how you can integrate BizTalk with that Line of Business system, and then provide guidance based upon real world experience, taking your BizTalk knowledge further.

This book will enable you to master how to integrate BizTalk with Line of Business systems effectively. The book starts by highlighting the technical foundation of WCF-LOB adapters and the common steps and important properties pertaining to popular WCF-LOB adapters. You will then move on to an overview of how to integrate with Microsoft SQL Server using the WCF based SQL Server adapter. The book then dives into topics such as integrating BizTalk Server with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, building BizTalk/SAP integrated solutions using IDocs, the differences between IDocs and RFCs/BAPIs, and integrating BizTalk with Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus amongst others.


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