Mastering SaltStack

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  • Learn how the pros are managing their infrastructures, and what techniques they use to keep everything running smoothly with Salt
  • Understand what makes Salt tick, and how that affects the way you use it
  • Take a look at familiar features in a new light, so that you have a better handle on how to approach tasks
  • Use Salt SSH to manage servers that don't fit Salt's traditional use cases
  • Besides automating your configuration, you will be able to automate your servers, and make them behave more intelligently
  • Make better use of cloud-based services, including compute clouds such as EC2, Azure and Openstack
  • Learn about the new RAET protocol, and how it changes the way automation works

SaltStack is known as a popular configuration management system, but that barely scratches the surface. It is, in fact, a powerful automation suite, which is designed not only to help you manage your servers, but to help them manage themselves. SaltStack is used worldwide by organizations ranging from just a few servers, to tens of thousands of nodes across data centers in multiple continents. This award-winning software is fast becoming the standard for systems management in the cloud world.

This book will take you through the advanced features of SaltStack, bringing forward capabilities that will help you excel in the management of your servers.

You will be taken through the the mind of the modern systems engineer, and discover how they use Salt to manage their infrastructures, and why those design decisions are so important. The inner workings of Salt will be explored, so that as you advance your knowledge of Salt, you will be able to swim with the current, rather than against it.

Various subsystems of Salt are explained in detail, including Salt SSH, Salt Cloud, and external pillars, filesystems, and job caches.

You will be taken through an in-depth discussion of how to effectively scale Salt to manage thousands of machines, and how to troubleshoot issues when things don't go exactly the way you expect them to.

You will also be taken through an overview of RAET, Salt's new transport protocol, and given an insight into how this technology improves Salt, and the possibilities that it brings with it.

  • Automate tasks effectively, so that your infrastructure can run itself
  • Take advantage of cloud-based services that can expand the capabilities of your own data centers
  • Tackle real-world problems that appear in everyday situations
Page Count 306
Course Length 9 hours 10 minutes
ISBN 9781785282164
Date Of Publication 18 Aug 2015


Joseph Hall

Starting as a support technician and progressing to being a web programmer, QA engineer, systems administrator, Linux instructor, and cloud engineer, Joseph Hall has touched just about every area of the modern technology world. He is currently a senior cloud and integrations engineer at SaltStack. Joseph enjoys working with some of the best minds in the business with his coworkers and SaltStack's partners. He is also the author of Extending SaltStack, Packt Publishing.

You can find him on LinkedIn at and on GitHub at