Mastering Kali Linux [Video]

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  • Scan your target using Recon Work
  • Extract usernames from WordPress websites
  • Perform master scanning techniques to find open ports, IP address ranges, and more.
  • Explore website penetration with WPScan and the Harvester
  • Hack nearby Bluetooth devices
  • Master your companies' networks and carry out expert scanning and testing.
  • Trace IP addresses and software packages and get server Intel with the Nikto and Vega methods.
  • Set up a proper password dictionary and discover the best methods for brute-forcing techniques.

Become a master at any hackers game by discovering and understanding each of the major tools that every hacker is currently using.

You will discover proper techniques to hack into any WordPress websites to test for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Then dive deep into website and server scanning as well as network scanning and testing for any open security breaches. In addition, you will get introduced to bluetooth hacking for any open bluetooth enabled devices near you. Finally, explore the ultimate Social Engineering Toolkit embedded inside of your Kali machine.

By the end of this course, you will have mastered Kali Linux in order to be the most efficient ethical hacker to carry out proper penetration testing upon your target, as well as discovering how to increase your own networks security.

Style and Approach

A step–by-step guide to help you learn different techniques you can use in order to optimize your pen-testing time, speed, and results.

  • Discover the vast features and programs that Kali Linux offers in order to perform and carry out a variety of penetration testing purposes
  • Explore easy ways to scan single IP addresses, or a range of IP addresses, complete with ports, hosts, and even security holes
  • Become proficient at performing network penetration tests and learn to exploit vulnerable systems
Course Length 2 hours 27 minutes
ISBN 9781789345766
Date Of Publication 31 Jul 2018


Aubrey Love II

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