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Mastering DevOps Automation

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  • Automate server provisioning on any cloud provider or private datacenter using Terraform
  • Setup servers to run services and applications using Chef, a well-known Configuration Management tool
  • Understand the main benefits of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment, explaining their fundamentals, differences between them and how to apply best practice_es of each on your daily work
  •  Make the most benefits of software containerization and microservices, the objectives and requirements to use these concepts in your applications to deliver more reliable and scalable systems
  • Scale containerized applications on a cluster using Google Kubernetes, a rock-solid container orchestration tool

Every organization is now following DevOps culture and DevOps processes but each organization needs to streamline these processes and achieve faster feedback to resolve issues. DevOps Automation is the solution. DevOps automation involves using a lot of powerful tools at each stage of DevOps

This book is divided into four modules. In the first module, you will begin with an introduction to IAC where you will be creating your entire infrastructure using Terraform and also how you can resuse your Terraform modules. In the second module, you will learn about Configuration management using Chef along with writing your own Chef cookbooks. You will also be integrating Chef with Terraform modules to set up a pool of servers. with ease. In the third module, you will learn How to create a release pipeline, keep your application upto date and also learn some Best practices to automate deployments. In the last and 4th module, which is Containerization, you will learn to scale up your microservices application create a Kubernetes architecture to run your applications, create a Kubernetes cluster using Terraform to provision servers and Chef cookbook. Lastly, you will also learn about deploying and scaling a Kubernetes application.

By the end of the book, you will learn aboutthe best DevOps tools and practices to automate servers and deployments

  • Master the art of DevOps in order to achieve continuous delivery by leveraging ultimate open source tools.
  •  Ensure faster time-to-market delivery by decreasing the lead time and developing and operating efficiently.
  •  An advanced and practical guide that assists the business to increase productivity by utilizing their resources effectively 
Page Count 396
Course Length 11 hours 52 minutes
ISBN 9781782175322
Date Of Publication 24 Jan 2020


Marcelo Pinheiro

Marcelo Pinheiro is a autodidact programmer with 17 years of experience, have worked with the most famous programming languages, databases and technologies since 2000. Got the opportunity to solve problems in small, medium and big distributed systems, using the right tool for each problem. Passioned about automation, see in the DevOps Movement a way to deliver more robust, reliable and valuable systems; a complete programmer must develop, deploy and maintain a system from scratch in his point of view. Today works as a DevOps Engineer at Work & Co, a New York based company focused to create digital products.