Mastering Chef Provisioning

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  • Use best practices to describe your entire infrastructure as code
  • Automate and document every aspect of your network, from the hardware of individual nodes to software, middleware, and all containers and clouds
  • Create a perfect model system
  • Make the best possible use of your resources and avoid redundancy
  • Deliver on the promise of Infrastructure as Code
  • Scale with ease by properly provisioning their infrastructure
  • Use the best Test Driven Development methodologies

This book will show you the best practices to describe your entire infrastructure as code.

With the help of this book you can expand your knowledge of Chef because and implement robust and scalable automation solutions. You can automate and document every aspect of your network, from the hardware to software, middleware, and all your containers. You will become familiar with the Chef’s Chef Provisioning tool. You will be able to make a perfect model system where everything is represented as code beneath your fingertips.

Make the best possible use of your resources, and deliver infrastructure as code, making it as versionable, testable and repeatable as application software

  • This is the first Chef book focused on provisioning infrastructure as its sole task. The book offers a clear solution to a specific pain point: learn to make your system work faster.
  • Learning better approaches to load balancing and parallelization with this book will save you time
  • By mastering the techniques in this book, you will know how to run an entire fleet of machines without breaking a sweat
  • This book is more helpful than the documentation (, with a stronger guiding voice and clearer explanations and use cases
Page Count 262
Course Length 7 hours 51 minutes
ISBN 9781785888915
Date Of Publication 26 Jun 2016


Earl Waud

Earl Waud is a virtualization development professional with more than 20 year's experience developing customer-facing, enterprise-grade software for VM, and works with container provisioning, management, and automation.

Earl has a proven track record of delivering on-time solutions that significantly impact business results; solutions that align engineering strategies with organizational vision.

Recently, Earl has been creating AWS-based container solutions for enterprises using Docker, Kubernetes, Artifactory, Xray, and Twistlock.

Currently, Earl is a senior software engineer with Intuit Inc. Other books by Earl include Mastering Chef Provisioning and Chef: Powerful Infrastructure Automation. Earl can be found online at SanDiegoEarl (dot) com.