Learning Windows Server 2019 [Video]

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  • Wrangle a new Windows Server 2019 into all of its various forms: Server Core, Desktop Experience, and an Azure deployment
  • Tame the Windows Server 2019 beast and respond to its given name and address in your own way
  • Accelerate your server management through Server Manager, Windows Admin Center, and PowerShell
  • Cultivate your server’s storage into usable volumes, RAID arrays, and VHDs
  • Build out the fundamental roles such as DNS, DHCP, and Hyper-V to subjugate your network

Are you ready to bring your skills up to speed on the latest version of Windows Server?

In this course on Windows Server 2019, you’ll learn all the basics to jump-start you on the road to learning Microsoft’s latest version of Windows Server.

We’ll show you how to set up your new server from installations to useful configuration tips. We’ll also cover how to manage storage and get started with some of the fundamental roles in Windows Server. All of this is done with a real-world approach.

By the end of the course, you’ll have all the information you need to get started with Windows Server 2019 in your own environment.

The code files for this course are available on Github at - https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Learning-Windows-Server-2019

Style and Approach

In this course, we’ll take a hands-on approach. We’ll limit the slide time and crank our demos to 11. The course will not only show you how to complete tasks in Windows Server 2019, but will also cover how it applies to your job.

  • From installation and upgrades to managing storage and features, arm yourself with the knowledge you need to get started on Windows Server 2019
  • Real world knowledge from IT professionals that have fought in the trenches and fellow comrades that have been there
  • A groundbreaking guide to effectively start you on your journey with the latest version of Windows Server
Course Length 2 hours 42 minutes
ISBN 9781789954463
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2019


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Anthony Howell

Anthony Howell is a proud father, a lucky husband, and a passionate automator. He's the guy that will always suggest writing a script to solve the problems of the day. He's been working professionally in IT since 2009 when he started as a helpdesk tech at University. After being betrayed by calculus, he switched from Computer Science to getting his associates from ITT Tech in Network Systems Administration. By the time he graduated, he was already a sysadmin with a focus on PowerShell automation. Looking back, he's always been the PowerShell guy at the places he's worked. So much so that he decided to venture out on his own as a PowerShell developer.

Bill Kindle

Bill Kindle:
Bill is a proud husband, father, & dedicated IT professional with over 15 years of IT experience as a systems administrator working primarily in Windows shops and now branching out into infrastructure engineering, automation technology, and DevOps.

David Lamb

David Lamb:
David is a Systems Administrator managing Windows servers and clients since 1995, spending a large portion of his career in the aviation industry. His first certification was the MCSE on Windows NT 4.0, earned in 2001. David lives in Alberta, Canada, and is currently spending his free time learning PowerShell, blogging, and pursuing the MCSE certification on Windows Server.

Matt McElreath

Matt McElreath:
Matt is a Windows Server administrator concentrating on automation, PowerShell, Desired State Configuration (DSC), Octopus Deploy, and anything else thrown his way. You can follow Matt on Twitter at @mmcelreath.