Learning RHEL Networking

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  • Master the new time daemon, chronyd, and understand why it is used over the more traditional NTP
  • Delve inside the workings of the kernel-based iSCSI target that shares disks on your network
  • Share data with your Windows network and make use of their users and groups for authentication, without the need to replace your existing infrastructure
  • Shield your users and data from the ever-present dangers that exist on the Internet by implementing and understanding SELinux
  • Deploy Apache 2.4 and make use of its new features
  • Provide saleable and fault-tolerant file systems with btrfs, more quickly than you could ever imagine
  • Protect your investment using the new firewalld process, enabling you to deploy firewall changes while the firewall is in place

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is the most popular Linux distribution currently being used and can be deployed on many platforms. Enterprises that have a large number of systems need to be interconnected, configured, and managed effectively. RHEL networking lets you accomplish these tasks easily.

This is a highly-detailed guide to help with your deployments on RHEL 7 or CentOS 7. This book, based on RHEL 7.1, will introduce to you the fundamentals of networking your systems. You will learn the use of new consistent names to identify your network cards. Soon, you will move on to configuring the basic plumbing of your network, setting up time, network address assignment, and name resolution. Last, the focus moves to configuring the new kernel-based iSCSI target services on RHEL 7 and using the service to host storage area networks.

  • Discover how to deploy the networks services Chrony, Network Time Protocol (NTP), Domain Name System (DNS), and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • Deploy RHEL 7 into your Microsoft Active Directory Domain to utilize Single-Sign in Linux and Active Directory with a single account
  • Master firewalling your network and server with Firewalld
Page Count 216
Course Length 6 hours 28 minutes
ISBN 9781785287831
Date Of Publication 23 Jun 2015


Andrew Mallett

Andrew Mallett is the owner of The Urban Penguin, and he is a comprehensive provider of professional Linux software development, training, and services. Having always been a command-line fan, he feels that so much time can be saved through knowing command-line shortcuts and scripting. TheUrbanPenguin YouTube channel, maintained by Andrew, has well over 800 videos to support this, and he has authored four other Packt titles.