Learning iOS Penetration Testing

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  • Understand the basics of iOS app development, deployment, security architecture, application signing, application sandboxing, and OWASP TOP 10 for mobile
  • Set up your lab for iOS app pentesting and identify sensitive information stored locally
  • Perform traffic analysis of iOS devices and catch sensitive data being leaked by side channels
  • Modify an application’s behavior using runtime analysis
  • Analyze an application’s binary for security protection
  • Acquire the knowledge required for exploiting iOS devices
  • Learn the basics of iOS forensics

iOS has become one of the most popular mobile operating systems with more than 1.4 million apps available in the iOS App Store. Some security weaknesses in any of these applications or on the system could mean that an attacker can get access to the device and retrieve sensitive information. This book will show you how to conduct a wide range of penetration tests on iOS devices to uncover vulnerabilities and strengthen the system from attacks.

Learning iOS Penetration Testing discusses the common vulnerabilities and security-related shortcomings in an iOS application and operating system, and will teach you to conduct static and dynamic analysis of iOS applications.

This practical guide will help you uncover vulnerabilities in iOS phones and applications. We begin with basics of iOS security and dig deep to learn about traffic analysis, code analysis, and various other techniques. Later, we discuss the various utilities, and the process of reversing and auditing.

  • Achieve your goal to secure iOS devices and applications with the help of this fast paced manual
  • Find vulnerabilities in your iOS applications and fix them with the help of this example-driven guide
  • Acquire the key skills that will easily help you to perform iOS exploitation and forensics with greater confidence and a stronger understanding
Page Count 204
Course Length 6 hours 7 minutes
ISBN 9781785883255
Date Of Publication 7 Jan 2016


Swaroop Yermalkar

Swaroop Yermalkar is a leading security researcher and technology evangelist. He is one of the top mobile security researchers worldwide, working with Synack Inc.

He has worked as domain consultant in the Security Practice Group at Persistent Systems Ltd, India, where he was responsible for the security research and assessment of web, network, Android and iOS applications.

He also gives talks and trainings on wireless and mobile app pentesting at various security conferences such as GroundZero, c0c0n, 0x90, DEFCON Lucknow, and GNUnify.

He is acknowledged by Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Dropbox, Evernote, Simple bank App, iFixit, and many more for reporting high severity security issues in their mobile apps.

He is an active member of null, an open security community in India, and a contributor to the regular meet-up and Humla sessions at the Pune Chapter.

He holds various information security certifications, such as SLAE, SMFE, SWSE, CEH, and CHFI. He has written various articles for ClubHACK magazine and also authored a book, An Ethical Guide to Wi-Fi Hacking and Security.

He has organized many eminent programs and was the event head of Hackathon—a national-level hacking competition. He had also worked with the Cyber Crime Cell, Pune, Maharashtra Police in programs such as Cyber Safe Pune. He can be contacted at @swaroopsy on Twitter.