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Learning Chef

Rishabh Sharma

Automate your infrastructure into code and leverage DevOps with Chef with this book and ebook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783285211
Paperback260 pages

About This Book

  • Leverage the power of Chef to transform your infrastructure into code to deploy new features in minutes
  • Understand the Chef architecture and its various components including the different types of server setups
  • Packed with practical examples and industry best practices for real-world situations

Who This Book Is For

If you are a system administrator, Linux administrator, cloud developer, cloud administrator or someone who just wants to learn and apply Chef automation on your existing or new infrastructure, this book is for you. In order to learn Chef, some real time understanding of IT processes and familiarity with Linux system, Ruby and JSON is essential.

Table of Contents

What You Will Learn

  • Get to know the basic fundamentals of automation and detailed architectural understanding of each component of Chef
  • Install all the components of Chef, including troubleshooting instructions
  • Explore the intricacies of Cookbook writing and every component of a Cookbook
  • Manage the cloud infrastructure and bootstrapping cloud instances using Chef
  • Work with the Open Source Chef server and learn about its installation on a Virtual Machine
  • Discover the Private Chef Server and its various types of installations
  • Familiarize yourself with the best practices while working with Chef, and the various consumers’ case studies of different types of Chef deployment for their infrastructure

In Detail

Chef automation helps to transform infrastructure into simple code. This means that building, rebuilding, configuration and scaling is possible in just a few minutes in accordance with customer needs in a real-time environment. The current software development methodology is based on DevOps, which provides strong collaboration, integration and communication between software developers and IT-infrastructure teams. In order to serve the necessities of DevOps, we need configuration management tools such as Chef.

This book covers all the basic and architectural concepts of Chef with step-by-step, hands-on exercises. Some best practices and customers’ case studies are also included and provide you with a practical understanding for automating your infrastructure into code.

The book covers all the possible scenarios of Chef deployment such as hosted, private and open source Chef deployment. It begins with the conceptual architecture of Chef with detailed descriptions of each and every element of Chef. You will become acquainted with the procedure for workstation setup and Cookbook creation in hosted Chef environment. There is a specific chapter dedicated to exploring every concept of Cookbooks and how to apply Cookbooks to a running node. You will also understand more about the management of various node operations applied on nodes, such as adding a new node, deleting a new node and editing of nodes.

Later on in the book, there is chapter dedicated to Private Chef Server setup that provides information on the necessity of on-premise Private Chef deployment, its benefits, and the installation and configuration procedures of the various types of Private Chef servers such as standalone, tiered and high availability.

You will get a better understanding of the installation procedure for the Open Source Chef Server and how to install it on a virtual machine. This book sheds light on industry best practices while using Chef with practical scenarios and examples.


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