Learning Ansible

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  • Set up and write basic playbooks, with more focus on configuration management
  • Develop and test Ansible playbooks
  • Use Ansible to handle errors, add callbacks, and rollback playbooks
  • Write custom modules and test them
  • Use Ansible modules to provision servers on various clouds
  • Deploy and orchestrate your Ansible infrastructure

Automation includes provisioning new servers, making sure the servers adhere to their role and maintain the desired state from a configuration perspective, and orchestrating various actions across environments and deploying code as expected to all these servers. This is where Ansible steps in. It is secure, highly reliable, and minimalistic in nature. It automates configuration management, application deployment, and many other IT needs.

Learning Ansible will equip you with the necessary skills to automate/improve your infrastructure from a configuration management perspective. You will also be able to use Ansible for one-click deployments, provisioning, and orchestrating your infrastructure.

  • Use Ansible to automate your infrastructure effectively, with minimal effort
  • Customize and consolidate your configuration management tools with the secure and highly-reliable features of Ansible
  • Unleash the abilities of Ansible and extend the functionality of your mainframe system through the use of powerful, real-world examples
Page Count 308
Course Length 9 hours 14 minutes
ISBN 9781783550630
Date Of Publication 27 Nov 2014


Madhurranjan Mohaan

Madhurranjan Mohaan is a passionate engineer who loves solving problems. He has more than 8 years of experience in the software industry. He worked as a network consultant with Cisco before starting his DevOps journey in 2011 at ThoughtWorks, where he learned the nuances of DevOps and worked on all aspects from Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery. He is currently working at Apigee, where he enjoys dealing with systems at scale.

Madhurranjan has also worked with various tools in configuration management, CI, deployment, and monitoring and logging space, apart from cloud platforms such as AWS. He has been a presenter at events such as DevOpsDays and Rootconf, and loves teaching and singing. He is a first-time author and wishes to share his learning with readers from across the world.

Ramesh Raithatha

Ramesh Raithatha is a DevOps engineer by profession and a cyclist at heart. He is currently working at Apigee and has worked on various facets of the IT industry, such as configuration management, continuous deployment, automation, and monitoring. He likes exploring stunning natural surroundings on two wheels in his leisure time.