Learn Docker - Fundamentals of Docker 18.x

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  • Containerize your traditional or microservice-based application
  • Share or ship your application as an immutable container image
  • Build a Docker swarm and a Kubernetes cluster in the cloud
  • Run a highly distributed application using Docker Swarm or Kubernetes
  • Update or rollback a distributed application with zero downtime
  • Secure your applications via encapsulation, networks, and secrets
  • Know your options when deploying your containerized app into the cloud

Docker containers have revolutionized the software supply chain in small and big enterprises. Never before has a new technology so rapidly penetrated the top 500 enterprises worldwide. Companies that embrace containers and containerize their traditional mission-critical applications have reported savings of at least 50% in total maintenance cost and a reduction of 90% (or more) of the time required to deploy new versions of those applications. Furthermore they are benefitting from increased security just by using containers as opposed to running applications outside containers.

This book starts from scratch, introducing you to Docker fundamentals and setting up an environment to work with it. Then we delve into concepts such as Docker containers, Docker images, Docker Compose, and so on. We will also cover the concepts of deployment, orchestration, networking, and security. Furthermore, we explain Docker functionalities on public clouds such as AWS.

By the end of this book, you will have hands-on experience working with Docker containers and orchestrators such as SwarmKit and Kubernetes.

  • Get up-and-running with basic to advanced concepts of Docker
  • Get acquainted with concepts such as Docker containers, Docker images, orchestrators and so on.
  • Practical test-based approach to learning a prominent containerization tool
Page Count 398
Course Length 11 hours 56 minutes
ISBN 9781788997027
Date Of Publication 25 Apr 2018


Gabriel N. Schenker

Gabriel N. Schenker has more than 25 years of experience as an independent consultant, architect, leader, trainer, mentor, and developer. Currently, Gabriel works as Senior Curriculum Developer at Confluent after coming from a similar position at Docker. Gabriel has a Ph.D. in Physics, and he is a Docker Captain, a Certified Docker Associate, and an ASP Insider. When not working, Gabriel enjoys time with his wonderful wife Veronicah and his children.