Learn Azure Administration

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  • Cloud Computing Overview featuring the main services: Compute, Network, Data and App Services
  • Developing efficient applications with Azure App Services (Web App and ARM Templates)
  • Implementing networking with Microsoft Azure
  • Implementing data storage using Microsoft Azure
  • Planning and deploying virtual machines on Microsoft Azure
  • Planning and deploying security using Microsoft Azure
  • Implement proper monitoring solutions (Azure Monitor and Microsoft Operations Management Suite - OMS)
  • Planning and deploying IAM - Identity and Access Management in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform with the largest datacenter infrastructure offering great possibilities for enterprises to use resources and services to enable them to achieve their goals and objectives.

This book will initially start with an introduction to the most common Azure services, including App services and Azure Resource Manager templates as well as creation of a batch account in the Azure portal. In the next section, you will deep dive into the networking and storage aspect of Microsoft Azure. You will learn how to create a virtual network, design a storage strategy for Azure and manage virtual machines with Azure PowerShell. The last section will give you an overview of the Azure security infrastructure as well as help you understand how to address security recommendations by using Azure security tools in conjunction with the Azure Security Center. You will also learn how to configure metrics and alerts using the Azure Monitor and know how to monitor your resources using Operations Management Suite (OMS). Towards the end, you will have a look at the main features of Azure Active Directory using Azure Identity Management (IAM) and learn to implement hybrid identity solutions.

By the end of this book, you will have hands-on experience working with Azure administrative tasks.

  • Get up and running with the administrative task of Azure
  • Learn how to implement ARM templates, Azure identities, securities and so on
  • Tackle three constant variables like Virtual Machines, Storage, and Networking
Page Count 385
Course Length 11 hours 33 minutes
ISBN 97817898046529781789804720
Date Of Publication 14 Feb 2020


Marcondes Alexandre

Marcondes Alexandre is a skilled database analyst and architect in cloud computing. He is focused on delivering fast, reliable and flexible cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure and Data Platform. He has been speaking at multiple conferences and meetups on Microsoft technologies. He´s experience in deployment, maintenance, and migration projects from SQL Server database to on-premise and cloud scenarios. Currently, he works as Cloud Solution Architect in the IntraDB working with Microsoft Azure for IaaS and PaaS scenarios with an emphasis on data services.