Kali Linux Intrusion and Exploitation Cookbook

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  • Understand the importance of security assessments over merely setting up and managing systems/processes
  • Familiarize yourself with tools such as OPENVAS to locate system and network vulnerabilities
  • Discover multiple solutions to escalate privileges on a compromised machine
  • Identify security anomalies in order to make your infrastructure secure and further strengthen it
  • Acquire the skills to prevent infrastructure and application vulnerabilities
  • Exploit vulnerabilities that require a complex setup with the help of Metasploit

With the increasing threats of breaches and attacks on critical infrastructure, system administrators and architects can use Kali Linux 2.0 to ensure their infrastructure is secure by finding out known vulnerabilities and safeguarding their infrastructure against unknown vulnerabilities.

This practical cookbook-style guide contains chapters carefully structured in three phases – information gathering, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing for the web, and wired and wireless networks. It's an ideal reference guide if you’re looking for a solution to a specific problem or learning how to use a tool. We provide hands-on examples of powerful tools/scripts designed for exploitation.

In the final section, we cover various tools you can use during testing, and we help you create in-depth reports to impress management. We provide system engineers with steps to reproduce issues and fix them.

  • Set up a penetration testing lab to conduct a preliminary assessment of attack surfaces and run exploits
  • Improve your testing efficiency with the use of automated vulnerability scanners
  • Work through step-by-step recipes to detect a wide array of vulnerabilities, exploit them to analyze their consequences, and identify security anomalies
Page Count 512
Course Length 15 hours 21 minutes
ISBN 9781783982165
Date Of Publication 20 Apr 2017


Dhruv Shah

Dhruv Shah holds a Masters degree in IT and has 7 years of experience as a specialist in Information Security. He started off as a trainer sensitizing staff in private sector organizations about security issues and what hackers look for when they launch attacks on networks. He, later on, switched his job to carry out penetration testing for Indian government agencies and then for banking clients in the Middle East. He now has extensive experience in penetration testing for Fortune 500 companies involving web and mobile applications, networks, Infra, and Red Team work. In his spare time, he co-authored the book Kali Linux Intrusion and Exploitation and is an active member and moderator of one of the Null chapters in India.

Ishan Girdhar

Ishan Girdhar is a senior pentester and DevSecOps engineer. With over 7 years of work experience, he has been vigorously involved in building application security and bug bounty programs, in his current and previous roles, helping businesses and organizations to be more secure ad aware. He is currently working with Southeast Asia’s biggest ride-hailing platform, Grab. Previously, he has worked with organizations such as InMobi and one of the biggest Internet payment company, PayPal. He holds bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science and has the MCP, CCNA, RHCE, and OSCP certifications. He has also conducted various trainings for Red Hat Linux and web application and network security.

He loves to share his work with the InfoSec and developer community through public speaking and open source projects. He loves to code in Python.

In his spare time, he prefers reading, scripting, tweeting (@ishangirdhar), and writing articles at his blog (www.securityninja.io), which aims on sharing knowledge and encouraging budding enthusiasts. You can check out some of his open source projects at github.com/ishangirdhar. He was a part of NullCon (Goa 2012,2013, 2014, and 2015) and has been actively engaged in Null Meets (the Delhi, Bangalore, and Singapore chapters).