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JBoss AS 7 Configuration, Deployment and Administration

Francesco Marchioni

This book is the complete guide to JBoss AS 7 for Java system administrators, developers, and application testers. It takes you through setting up a JBoss application in logical, progressive steps, supported by screenshots and clear directions.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849516785
Paperback380 pages

About This Book

  • Covers all JBoss AS 7 administration topics in a concise, practical, and understandable manner, along with detailed explanations and lots of screenshots
  • Uncover the advanced features of JBoss AS, including High Availability and clustering, integration with other frameworks, and creating complex AS domain configurations
  • Discover the new features of JBoss AS 7, which has made quite a departure from previous versions

Who This Book Is For

Java system administrators, developers, and application testers will benefit from this book. The brand new features in AS 7 mean that everyone can get something from this book, whether you have used JBoss AS before or not.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Installing JBoss AS 7
Getting started with the application server
Exploring the application server file system
Chapter 2: Configuring the Application Server
Configuring the application server
Configuring core subsystems
Configuring the application server logging
Chapter 3: Configuring Enterprise Services
Configuring database connectivity
Configuring Enterprise Java Beans
Chapter 4: JBoss Web Server Configuration
Configuring the Web container
Creating and deploying a web application
Chapter 5: Configuring a JBoss AS Domain
Introducing the JBoss AS domain
Configuring the domain
An example domain configuration
Chapter 6: Deploying Applications on JBoss AS 7
Deploying resources on the application server
Deploying applications on JBoss AS standalone
Deploying applications on a JBoss AS domain
JBoss AS 7 classloading explained
Chapter 7: Managing the Application Server
The Command Line Interface (CLI)
The new Web admin console
CLI or Web console ?
Chapter 8: Clustering
Setting up JBoss clustering
Configuring JBoss clustering
Configuring the Infinispan subsystem
Clustering the messaging subsystem
Chapter 9: Load-balancing Web Applications
Using Apache web server with JBoss AS 7
Load-balancing with mod_cluster
Installing mod_cluster
Managing mod_cluster with the CLI
Managing your web contexts with CLI
Adding native management capabilities
Managing web contexts using the configuration file
Troubleshooting mod_cluster
Testing mod_cluster
Load-balancing between nodes
Configuring clustering in your applications
Clustering session beans
Clustering entities
Caching entities
Caching queries
Clustering web applications
Chapter 10: Securing JBoss AS 7
Approaching Java security API
Securing the AS 7 management interfaces
Securing the transport layer
Chapter 11: Taking JBoss AS 7 in the Cloud
Introduction to cloud computing
JBoss cloud infrastructure

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the new AS infrastructure and how to install, start, and stop the AS 7
  • Configure the core AS 7 services, including database connections, the JMS subsystem, and transaction service
  • Manage the application server using the Admin Console and the new Command Line Interface
  • Deploy applications on the AS, using all the available tools and instruments.
  • Configure and run a cluster of application server nodes and provide high availability to your applications
  • Secure the application server and the applications running on it
  • Learn how to take your JBoss AS 7 applications in the cloud by leveraging the OpenShift platform-as-a-service
  • Tune and slim the application server


In Detail

As the Java EE standard has evolved and matured, the API has become increasingly rich and complex. The next generation of application servers needs to be modular and configurable to run only specific services or containers. JBoss AS 7 promises to meet those requirements but the configuration of a complex application server is composed of a mix of administrative and management tasks which often overlap, generating confusion.

JBoss AS 7 Configuration, Deployment and Administration will give you an expert's understanding of every component that makes up the JBoss application server, and will show you how to use them, helping you to dramatically cut down the learning curve for this exciting product.

This book will guide you through configuration, management, deployment and advanced administration in a logical order to avoid the common pitfalls of setting up a new AS. The book dives into the new application server structure and shows you how to install it. You will learn how to configure the core AS services, including thread pools, the messaging system, and the transaction service. Finally, you will learn how to deploy and manage your applications and then tune the performance of your AS to achieve an efficient, indispensible application server.


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