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JBoss AS 5 Development

Francesco Marchioni

Develop, deploy, and secure Java applications on this robust, open source application server
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847196828
Paperback416 pages

About This Book

  • A complete guide for JBoss developers covering everything from basic installation to creating, debugging, and securing Java EE applications on this popular, award-winning JBoss application server
  • Master the most important areas of Java Enterprise programming including EJB 3.0, web services, the security framework, and more
  • Starts with the basics of JBoss AS and moves on to cover important advanced topics with the help of easy-to-understand practical examples
  • Written in a very simple and readable style, this book includes essential tips and tricks that will help you master JBoss AS development

Who This Book Is For

If you are a Java architect or developer who wants to get the most out of the latest release of the JBoss application server or a JBoss administrator who wants a clear and simple reference for JBoss services, this book is for you. You are not expected to have accumulated experience on the application server though you must know the basic concepts of Java EE.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Installing Core Components
Installing the Java environment
Installing JBoss AS 5
Installing Eclipse
Plugins: The heart of Eclipse
Chapter 2: What's New in JBoss AS 5?
Application server features
The next generation application server
Creating a custom server configuration
Chapter 3: Customizing JBoss AS Services
How to monitor JBoss AS services
JBoss AS thread pool
Configuring logging services
Configuring the connection to the database
Configuring the transaction service
Chapter 4: Developing EJB 3 Session Beans
Java EE made easier
Developing Enterprise JavaBeans
Configuring the EJB container
Chapter 5: Developing JPA Entities
Data persistence meets a standard
Chapter 6: Creating a Web Application
Developing web layout
Configuring JBoss Web Server
Chapter 7: Developing Applications with JBoss Messaging Service
Short introduction to JMS
The new JBoss Messaging system
Developing JMS applications
Advanced JBoss Messaging
Chapter 8: Developing Applications with JBoss and Hibernate
Introducing Hibernate
Chapter 9: Managing JBoss AS
Introducing Java Management Extension
Developing MBeans
Service POJOs
JBoss AS Administration Console
Chapter 10: Developing Applications with JBoss Web Services
Web Service concepts
Coding Web Services with JBossWS
Chapter 11: Clustering JBoss AS
Cluster basics
Introducing JBoss AS cluster
JBoss AS 5 cluster configuration
JBoss AS clustered services
Clustering web applications
JMS clustering
Chapter 12: Developing a Clustered Application
Clustering Stateless Session Beans
Clustering Stateful Session Beans
Clustering entities
Clustering web applications
Chapter 13: JBoss AS Security
Approaching Java Security API
Introducing JBossSX
Chapter 14: Securing JBoss AS Applications
Securing the AppStore application
Securing applications at transport level
Securing Web Services
Encrypting the POJOWebService

What You Will Learn

  • Install the server core components and the development environment for JBoss AS easily and quickly
  • Master the JBoss core services and tackle most common configuration issues
  • Set up, configure, and deploy a complete Java EE Application on JBoss AS
  • Learn all the nuts and bolts of the new JMS Provider: JBoss Messaging service
  • Seamlessly integrate your Hibernate applications into the application server architecture
  • Understand what Managed services are and how they can boost your applications
  • Easily develop web applications using JBoss web services
  • Learn theory behind clustering and see some concrete programming examples
  • Secure your applications using JBoss security framework

In Detail

JBoss AS is the most used Java application server on the market meeting high standards of reliability, efficiency, and robustness and is used to build powerful and secure Java EE applications. It supports the most important areas of Java Enterprise programming including EJB 3.0, dependency injection, web services, the security framework, and more. Getting started with JBoss application server development can be challenging; however, with the right approach and guidance, you can easily master it and this book promises that.

Written in an easy-to-read style, this book will take you from the basics of JBoss AS—such as installing core components and plug-ins—to the skills that will make you a JBoss developer to be reckoned with, covering advanced topics such as developing applications with JBoss Messaging service, JBoss web services, clustered applications, and more.

You will learn the necessary steps to install a suitable environment for developing enterprise applications on JBoss AS. Then, your journey will continue through the heart of the application server, explaining how to customize each service for optimal usage. You will learn how to design Enterprise applications using Eclipse and JBoss plug-ins. You will then learn how to enable distributed communication using JMS. Storing and retrieving objects will be made easier using Hibernate. The core section of the book will take you into the programming arena with tested, real-world examples. The example programs have been carefully crafted to be easy to understand and useful as starting points for your applications.

This book will kick-start your productivity and help you to master JBoss AS development. The author's experience with JBoss enables him to share insights on JBoss AS development, in a clear and friendly way. By the end of the book, you will have the confidence to apply all the newest programming techniques to your JBoss applications.


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