IoT Penetration Testing Cookbook

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  • Set up an IoT pentesting lab
  • Explore various threat modeling concepts
  • Exhibit the ability to analyze and exploit firmware vulnerabilities
  • Demonstrate the automation of application binary analysis for iOS and Android using MobSF
  • Set up a Burp Suite and use it for web app testing
  • Identify UART and JTAG pinouts, solder headers, and hardware debugging
  • Get solutions to common wireless protocols
  • Explore the mobile security and firmware best practices
  • Master various advanced IoT exploitation techniques and security automation

IoT is an upcoming trend in the IT industry today; there are a lot of IoT devices on the market, but there is a minimal understanding of how to safeguard them. If you are a security enthusiast or pentester, this book will help you understand how to exploit and secure IoT devices.

This book follows a recipe-based approach, giving you practical experience in securing upcoming smart devices. It starts with practical recipes on how to analyze IoT device architectures and identify vulnerabilities. Then, it focuses on enhancing your pentesting skill set, teaching you how to exploit a vulnerable IoT device, along with identifying vulnerabilities in IoT device firmware. Next, this book teaches you how to secure embedded devices and exploit smart devices with hardware techniques. Moving forward, this book reveals advanced hardware pentesting techniques, along with software-defined, radio-based IoT pentesting with Zigbee and Z-Wave. Finally, this book also covers how to use new and unique pentesting techniques for different IoT devices, along with smart devices connected to the cloud.

By the end of this book, you will have a fair understanding of how to use different pentesting techniques to exploit and secure various IoT devices.

  • Identify vulnerabilities in IoT device architectures and firmware using software and hardware pentesting techniques
  • Understand radio communication analysis with concepts such as sniffing the air and capturing radio signals
  • A recipe based guide that will teach you to pentest new and unique set of IoT devices.
Page Count 452
Course Length 13 hours 33 minutes
ISBN 9781787280571
Date Of Publication 29 Nov 2017


Aaron Guzman

Aaron Guzman is a principal security consultant from the Los Angeles area with expertise in web app security, mobile app security, and embedded security. He has shared his security research at a number of worldwide conferences, including DEF CON, DerbyCon, AppSec EU, AppSec USA, HackFest, Security Fest, HackMiami, 44Con, and AusCERT as well as a number of regional BSides events. Furthermore, Aaron is a chapter leader for the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Los Angeles chapter and the Cloud Security Alliance SoCal (CSA SoCal) chapter, and was previously the technical reviewer for Practical Internet of Things Security by Packt Publishing. He has contributed to many IoT security guidance publications from CSA, OWASP, PRPL, and a number of others. Aaron leads the OWASP Embedded Application Security project, providing practical guidance to address the most common firmware security bugs for the embedded and IoT community. Follow Aaron's latest research on Twitter at @scriptingxss.

Aditya Gupta

Aditya Gupta is the founder of Attify, and an IoT and mobile security researcher. He is also the creator of the popular training course Offensive IoT Exploitation, and the founder of the online store for hackers Attify-Store.

Gupta has also published security research papers, authored tools, and spoken numerous times at conferences such as BlackHat, DefCon, OWASP AppSec, ToorCon, and more.

In his previous roles, he has worked with various organizations helping to build their security infrastructure and internal automation tools, identify vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications, and lead security planning.

He can be reached out to on Twitter at @adi1391 and over email at