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  • Gzipping and pre-gzipping responses and files
  • How to use WebSockets in nginx
  • Different methods of caching data in nginx
  • How to setup performant secure downloads with backend authentication
  • How to perform GeoIP lookups and provide the data to your backend.
  • How to use nginx for pseudo-streaming mp4 and flv video.

Nginx is an open source web server and a reverse proxy server for HTTP, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols. It is used to deploy dynamic HTTP content on a network using FastCGI and SCGI handlers for scripts and it serves as a software load balancer . Nginx enables the user to save resources compared to other major web servers such as Apache HTTP as well as provides site visitors with a faster load time for an improved user experience.

Instant Nginx Starter will show you how to install and set up nginx web server by introducing you to basics that covers an understanding of the nginx modules, which will help you to migrate from Apache to achieve high concurrency, performance and low memory usage.

Nginx Starter introduces you to the configuration file in its entirety, explaining the importance of different sections. The book then takes you through various examples based on core syntax and specific features enabling you to configure nginx.

During the course of the book, you will see how modern technology is merged with nginx by detailing an example based on websockets. The starter guide emphasizes optimizing load time through compression and caching of dynamic responses, while highlighting that nginx can seamlessly become part of a productive ecosystem of the software.

Through this book, you will have learned everything you need to control nginx behavior with an understanding over the tools to debug problems and execute plans.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Understand Nginx and its relevance to the modern web
  • Install Nginx and explore the different methods of installation
  • Configure and customize Nginx
  • Become familiar with the community and people around Nginx.
Page Count 48
Course Length 1 hours 26 minutes
ISBN 9781782165132
Date Of Publication 24 Apr 2013


Martin Fjordvald

Martin Fjordvald is a 29-year-old Danish entrepreneur who started his company straight out of high school. Backed by a popular website, he became a jack of all trades having to deal with the business, programming, and marketing side of his business. The popularity of his website grew and so did the performance requirements of his code and servers.

He got involved with the community project to document Nginx early on and has written several blog posts and wiki articles detailing how Nginx works.