Implementing Cisco UCS Solutions - Second Edition

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  • Set up your Lab using Cisco UCS Emulator
  • Configure Cisco UCS, LAN, and SAN connectivity
  • Create and manage Service profiles
  • Perform various tasks using UCS
  • Backup and restore Cisco UCS configuration
  • Test various Cisco UCS scenarios
  • Manage and automate multiple domains

Cisco Unified Computer System (UCS) is a powerful solution for modern data centers and is responsible for increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

This hands-on guide will take you through deployment in Cisco UCS. Using real-world examples of configuring and deploying Cisco UCS components, we’ll prepare you for the practical deployments of Cisco UCS data center solutions. If you want to develop and enhance your hands-on skills with Cisco UCS solutions, this book is certainly for you.

We start by showing you the Cisco UCS equipment options then introduce Cisco UCS Emulator so you can learn and practice deploying Cisco UCS components. We’ll also introduce you to all the areas of UCS solutions through practical configuration examples.

Moving on, you’ll explore the Cisco UCS Manager, which is the centralized management interface for Cisco UCS. Once you get to know UCS Manager, you’ll dive deeper into configuring LAN, SAN, identity pools, resource pools, and service profiles for the servers. You’ll also get hands-on with administration topics including backup, restore, user’s roles, and high availability cluster configuration. Finally, you will learn about virtualized networking, third-party integration tools, and testing failure scenarios.

By the end of this book, you’ll know everything you need to know to rapidly grow Cisco UCS deployments in the real world.

  • Learn how to reduce equipment and operating costs, consolidate resources, and automate data center processes
  • Eliminate manual, time-consuming tasks that were traditionally required to connect servers in data centers
  • A practical hands-on guide that will help you to deploy servers and application stacks with ease
Page Count 482
Course Length 14 hours 27 minutes
ISBN 9781786464408
Date Of Publication 26 Apr 2017


Anuj Modi

Anuj Modi is a senior consulting engineer in the Advanced Service Group at Cisco Systems and has worked in architecting and implementing Cisco's cloud and data center solutions. He has more than 14 years' experience in the IT industry, including serving various roles as IT manager at IndSwift, senior system admin at Computer Science Corporation, and virtualization consultant at Hewlett Packard.

He holds a bachelor's and master's degree in computer applications and many industry-standard certifications, such as MCSE, VCP, ITIL, and CCA. He has co-authored a book on VMware NSX and Cisco Unified Computing System. His primary focus is orchestrating and automating infrastructures for private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions with Cisco and third-party products. He has extensive experience in data center assessment, and planning, designing, implementing, and optimizing infrastructure, and helping customers build and migrate to next-generation data centers.

Farhan Nadeem

Farhan Nadeem has been in the IT field for over 19 years. He has a master's degree in electrical engineering and holds several industry-recognized certifications, including VCAP-DCA, VCP, CCNP DC, CISSP, CCA, and MCIP-EA. Farhan has proven experience in successfully engineering, deploying, administering, and troubleshooting heterogeneous infrastructure solutions. Starting with the MCSE-NT Microsoft certification in 1997, he's always stayed abreast of the latest technologies and server hardware through proactive learning and successful real-world deployments. He has extensive work experience in complex heterogeneous environments comprising various hardware platforms, operating systems, and applications. This exposure has given him broad knowledge in investigating, designing, implementing, and managing infrastructure solutions. He progressively started focusing on virtualization technologies and the Cisco UCS platform and has completed several successful UCS deployments with multiple virtualization platforms. When not working with computers, he enjoys spending time with his family. He has also technically reviewed the second edition of this book.

Prasenjit Sarkar

Prasenjit Sarkar is a product manager at Oracle for their public cloud, with a focus on cloud strategy, Oracle Ravello, cloud-native applications, and the API platform. His primary focus is driving Oracle's cloud computing business with commercial and public sector customers, helping to shape and deliver a strategy to build broad use of Oracle's Infrastructure as a Service offerings, such as Compute, Storage, and Database as a Service. He is also responsible for developing public/private cloud integration strategies, customers' cloud computing architecture visions, future state architectures, and implementable architecture roadmaps in the context of the public, private, and hybrid cloud computing solutions that Oracle can offer.

He has also authored six industry-leading books on virtualization, SDN, and physical compute, among others.

He has six successful patents and six more patents pending at the US PTO. He has also authored numerous research articles.