Hands-On Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux [Video]

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  • Learn to use Kali Linux tools to perform web penetration testing to professional standards
  • Build a test lab using Oracle VirtualBox, Kali Linux, and two vulnerable applications: DVWA and InsecureBank
  • Learn to use SQL and cross-site scripting (XSS) and authentication
  • Harden systems so other attackers do not exploit them easily
  • Assess and analyze of web application vulnerabilities with different tools available on Kali Linux

Kali Linux contains a large number of penetration testing tools from various different niches in the security and forensics fields. Kali Linux offers a multitude of options to scan a single IP, port, or host (or a range of IPs, ports, and hosts) and discover vulnerabilities and security holes. The output and the information this provides can serve as a precursor to penetration testing efforts.

Have you ever wondered how to test web applications security? This course will teach you about web application vulnerabilities and how to use Kali Linux tools to perform web penetration testing to professional standards. You will start with application security and learn about the process of web penetration testing. Then you'll create a test lab with Oracle VirtualBox and Kali Linux. Next, you'll learn about common vulnerabilities in web applications with practical examples, which will help you understand the process of penetration testing and the importance of security. Now you'll be introduced to different tools to assess and analyze web application vulnerabilities. In the end, you'll learn to secure web applications.

By the end of the course, you'll be able to perform web penetration testing using Kali Linux.

The code bundle for this course is available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Hands-on-Web-Penetration-Testing-with-Kali-Linux.

Style and Approach

The course starts with application security and explores the OWASP top 10 identified application vulnerabilities. Then you will create a test lab with Kali Linux and delve into common web application vulnerabilities. Next, you’ll be introduced to Kali Linux tools and techniques that can be used to assess and analyze web application vulnerabilities. Finally, you’ll learn to secure web applications.

  • Use Kali Linux for web penetration tests and expose vulnerabilities on web applications
  • Perform web penetration testing to exploit vulnerable systems
  • Understand the process of penetration testing and the importance of security as part of web application development
Course Length 1 hour 51 minutes
ISBN 9781789132311
Date Of Publication 16 Sep 2018


Rassoul Ghaznavi Zadeh

Rassoul Ghaznavi Zadeh is an information security architect. He has worked with business to define frameworks, perform risk and gap analysis, and identify security controls and roadmaps. He also works with stakeholders to plan, organize, and manage the successful delivery of security strategies and projects as well as the stable operation of the organization's IT infrastructure security, integration, and optimization.

His key skills are:

  • Enterprise security architecture design and business alignment
  • Risk assessment, management, compliance, and auditing
  • Evaluating and analyzing IT security technologies and solutions
  • Monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of IT security controls
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

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