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  • Understand DevSecOps culture and organization
  • Learn security requirements, management, and metrics
  • Secure your architecture design by looking at threat modeling, coding tools and practices
  • Handle most common security issues and explore black and white-box testing tools and practices
  • Work with security monitoring toolkits and online fraud detection rules
  • Explore GDPR and PII handling case studies to understand the DevSecOps lifecycle

DevOps has provided speed and quality benefits with continuous development and deployment methods, but it does not guarantee the security of an entire organization. Hands-On Security in DevOps shows you how to adopt DevOps techniques to continuously improve your organization’s security at every level, rather than just focusing on protecting your infrastructure.

This guide combines DevOps and security to help you to protect cloud services, and teaches you how to use techniques to integrate security directly in your product. You will learn how to implement security at every layer, such as for the web application, cloud infrastructure, communication, and the delivery pipeline layers. With the help of practical examples, you’ll explore the core security aspects, such as blocking attacks, fraud detection, cloud forensics, and incident response. In the concluding chapters, you will cover topics on extending DevOps security, such as risk assessment, threat modeling, and continuous security.

By the end of this book, you will be well-versed in implementing security in all layers of your organization and be confident in monitoring and blocking attacks throughout your cloud services.

  • Integrate security at each layer of the DevOps pipeline
  • Discover security practices to protect your cloud services by detecting fraud and intrusion
  • Explore solutions to infrastructure security using DevOps principles
Page Count 356
Course Length 10 hours 40 minutes
ISBN 9781788995504
Date Of Publication 29 Jul 2018


Tony Hsu

Tony Hsu is a senior security architect with over 20 years of experience in security services technology. He has rich experience with Secure Software Development LifeCycle (SSDLC), is deeply involved with security activities such as security requirements planning, threat modeling, secure architecture and design review, secure code review, automated security testing, and cloud services security monitoring. He is also in-house SDL trainer.

He is also a co contributor on OWASP projects such as OWASP testing guide, proactive control guide, and deserialization security cheatsheet.