Hands-on Network Programming with Python [Video]

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  • Learn and apply Python Network Engineering automation tasks
  • Save time and money in accomplishing daily tasks 
  • Learn with the help of more efficient and effective Visual examples of network device interaction, playbooks, and desired results
  • Create customized scripts that accomplishes your unique goals
  • Learn Security and Network automation with Python 2.7 and Ansible 2.5

The goal of the course is to master key Python concepts as they are applied in the network engineering context. Computer Networks, large and small, has become ever increasingly software-driven in the last several years. A typical network engineer faces the challenge of learning a completely new discipline that normally takes years to master. This course will use Python, an easy-to-learn, popular first-time-programmer language as the foundation to bridge the gap for network engineers facing the automation challenge, this will help network engineers become experts in using Python for networking. The video will start by demonstrating how to use Python and supported libraries to automate network tasks. Then you will get familiar with the concepts and work with the Ansible framework in order to achieve your network goals. You will then come across ways to monitor your network using Python. Besides this, you will develop a good understanding and explore ways to solve issues related to the security wheel that treats the network as one single entity instead of dispersing components. By the end of the course, the students will master skills required to accomplish advance network automation using Python.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available on Github at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/-Hands-on-Network-Programming-with-Python

Style and Approach

This course aims to have hands-on, interesting examples with clear and friendly explanations that students can follow along. We will go over common mistakes, useful tips, and in-the-trenches advices

  • Hands-on TCP / IP protocol suite and Python language
  • Achieve Network Monitoring with Low-Level Network Device Interaction
  • Network Modelling through API
  • Improve network agility with Intent-based Networking 
  • Enhance Security Automation with Ansible Advanced
Course Length 3 hours 3 minutes
ISBN 9781788994583
Date Of Publication 18 Jul 2018


Eric Chou

Eric Chou is a seasoned technologist with over 18 years of industry experience. He has worked on and helped managed some of the largest networks in the industry while working at Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other companies. Eric is passionate about network automation, Python, and helping companies build better security postures. Eric is the author of several books and online classes on networking with Python and network security. He is the proud inventor of two patents in IP telephony. Eric shares his deep interest in technology through his books, classes, and his blog, and contributes to some of the popular Python open source projects.