Hands-On Dark Web Analysis

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  • Access the Deep Web and the Dark Web
  • Learn to search and find information in the Dark Web
  • Protect yourself while browsing the Dark Web
  • Understand what the Deep Web and Dark Web are
  • Learn what information you can gather, and how

The overall world wide web is divided into three main areas - the Surface Web, the Deep Web, and the Dark Web. The Deep Web and Dark Web are the two areas which are not accessible through standard search engines or browsers. It becomes extremely important for security professionals to have control over these areas to analyze the security of your organization.

This book will initially introduce you to the concept of the Deep Web and the Dark Web and their significance in the security sector. Then we will deep dive into installing operating systems and Tor Browser for privacy, security and anonymity while accessing them. During the course of the book, we will also share some best practices which will be useful in using the tools for best effect.

By the end of this book, you will have hands-on experience working with the Deep Web and the Dark Web for security analysis

  • Understand the concept of Dark Net and Deep Web
  • Use Tor to extract data and maintain anonymity
  • Develop a security framework using Deep web evidences
Page Count 210
Course Length 6 hours 18 minutes
ISBN 9781789133363
Date Of Publication 26 Dec 2018


Sion Retzkin

Sion Retzkin is an IT and security professional with over 20 years' experience in various technical and business roles. Sion was born in New York City, and has lived, studied, and worked internationally. Sion also delivers training to other professionals on the topics he's mastered, sharing his passion for security, ethical hacking, and information systems. With multiple certifications under his belt, Sion feels comfortable both in the boardroom, meeting customers, and working hands-on.

Today, he works at Pcysys, as director of customer success, which allows him to continue to do what he loves.