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GlassFish Security

Masoud Kalali

Secure your GlassFish installation, Web applications, EJB applications, Application Client modules, and Web services
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847199386
Paperback296 pages

About This Book

  • Secure your GlassFish installation and J2EE applications
  • Develop secure Java EE applications including Web, EJB, and Application Client modules
  • Secure web services using GlassFish and OpenSSO web service security features
  • Support SSL in GlassFish including Mutual Authentication and Certificate Realm with this practical guide

Who This Book Is For

This book is for application designers, developers and administrators who work with GlassFish and are keen to understand Java EE and GlassFish security.

To take full advantage of this book, you need to be familiar with Java EE and GlassFish application servers. You will love this book if you are looking for a book that covers Java EE security and using GlassFish features to create secure Java EE applications, or to secure the GlassFish installation and operating environment and using OpenSSO. 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Java EE Security Model
Overview of Java EE architecture
Understanding a typical Java EE application
Accessing protected resource inside a Web module
Understanding the EJB modules
Understanding the application client module
Declaring security roles in Application level
Chapter 2: GlassFish Security Realms
Security realms
GlassFish security realms
Adding a custom authentication method to GlassFish
Chapter 3: Designing and Developing Secure Java EE Applications
Understanding the sample application
Analyzing sample application business logic
Implementing the Business and Persistence layers
Developing the Presentation layer
Deploying the application client module in the Application Client Container
Chapter 4: Securing GlassFish Environment
Securing a host operating system
Estimating security risks: Auditing
Chapter 5: Securing GlassFish
Administrating GlassFish
Securing different network listeners
Hosting multiple domains using one IP
Sharing security context between different applications using SSO
Chapter 6: Introducing OpenDS: Open Source Directory Service
Storing hierarchical information: Directory services
Introducing OpenDS
Installing and administrating OpenDS
Administrating and managing OpenDS
Embedding OpenDS
Replicating Directory Information Tree (DIT)
Chapter 7: OpenSSO, the Single sign-on Solution
What is SSO
What is OpenSSO
Authentication chaining
Securing our applications using OpenSSO
Chapter 8: Securing Java EE Applications using OpenSSO
Understanding Policy Agents
Installing J2EE Agent 3.0 for GlassFish
Chapter 9: Securing Web Services by OpenSSO
Java EE and Web Services security
Understanding Web Services security
Developing secure Web Services
Downloading and installing Web Services security agents
Securing the Echo Web Service

What You Will Learn

  • Develop secure Java EE applications including Web, EJB, and Application client modules.
  • Reuse the security assets you have by learning GlassFish security realms in great details along with the sample for each realm.
  • Secure GlassFish installation including operating system security and JVM policy configuration.
  • Secure Java EE applications using OpenSSO and set up Single Sign-On (SSO) between multiple applications.
  • Secure web services using Java EE built-in features, OpenSSO and WS-Security.
  • Secure network listeners and passwords using GlassFish provided facilities.
  • Learn using OpenSSO services, SDKs, and agents to secure Java EE enterprise applications including Web Services.
  • Learn using OpenDS both as administrator and as an LDAP solution developer.
  • All command lines and more than 90% of the book content applies for both GlassFish 3.x and 2.x.

In Detail

Security was, is, and will be one of the most important aspects of Enterprise Applications and one of the most challenging areas for architects, developers, and administrators. It is mandatory for Java EE application developers to secure their enterprise applications using Glassfish security features.

Learn to secure Java EE artifacts (like Servlets and EJB methods), configure and use GlassFish JAAS modules, and establish environment and network security using this practical guide filled with examples. One of the things you will love about this book is that it covers the advantages of protecting application servers and web service providers using OpenSSO.

The book starts by introducing Java EE security in Web, EJB, and Application Client modules. Then it introduces the Security Realms provided in GlassFish, which developers and administrators can use to complete the authentication and authorization setup. In the next step, we develop a completely secure Java EE application with Web, EJB, and Application Client modules.

The next part includes a detailed and practical guide to setting up, configuring, and extending GlassFish security. This part covers everything an administrator needs to know about GlassFish security, starting from installation and operating environment security, listeners and password security, through policy enforcement, to auditing and developing new auditing modules.

Before starting the third major part of the book, we have a chapter on OpenDS discussing how to install, and administrate OpenDS. The chapter covers importing and exporting data, setting up replications, backup and recovery and finally developing LDAP based solutions using OpenDS and Java.

Finally the third part starts by introducing OpenSSO and continues with guiding you through OpenSSO features, installation, configuration and how you can use it to secure Java EE applications in general and web services in particular. Identity Federation and SSO are discussed in the last chapter of the book along with a working sample.


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