GlassFish Administration

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  • Manage the modules you need for the GlassFish server using the GlassFish update tool
  • Deploy and configure the GlassFish server for several common types of applications that do not access a lot of external resources, such as transaction services and mail session components
  • Configure the web and EJB containers in GlassFish to support applications deployed to the GlassFish Server
  • Configure two popular open source JMS service providers, the Open Message Queue (Open MQ) and Apache ActiveMQ, in GlassFish
  • Secure both the GlassFish server and applications deployed to it
  • Get familiar with the utilities used to establish a secure runtime environment for GlassFish
  • Cluster multiple GlassFish server instances to improve throughput and availability
  • Monitor and maintain the GlassFish server runtime using the monitoring features of GlassFish
  • Configure clusters for the GlassFish Server, and use a load balancer to distribute load across the server instances in the cluster
  • Plan and create a production-ready GlassFish Server deployment
  • Benefit from the improvement and significant growth along with new features in GlassFish version 3

To build a powerful production environment for your Java EE systems, you need a great application server, and the skills to manage it. This book gives you all that you are looking for.

This book will help you gain the necessary skills to install, configure, tune, and troubleshoot GlassFish so that you can fully unleash its power. It will teach you how to use the GlassFish application server, with a special focus on administration tasks. It presents the GlassFish administrative tasks in a logical sequence, with each chapter focusing on a specific topic.

Starting with installation and moving through configuration, this book takes a careful look at the administration console so that you get a complete understanding of GlassFish and its administrative features. It will help you understand how to deploy Java EE, Ruby on Rails and other supported applications to GlassFish, and how to configure the necessary resources for these applications. You will also learn how to maintain, tune, and troubleshoot your GlassFish server. Also includes a bonus chapter introducing Glassfish v3.

  • Get GlassFish installed and configured ready for use
  • Integrate GlassFish with popular Open Source products such as Open MQ, Open DS, and Apache Active MQ, and get them working together in a loosely-coupled manner
  • Configure resource types like JDBC, Java Connector Architecture (JCA), JavaMail Sessions, and Custom JNDI supported in GlassFish to simplify resource access and integration
  • Secure, monitor, troubleshoot, and tune your application server instance
Page Count 284
Course Length 8 hours 31 minutes
ISBN 9781847196507
Date Of Publication 20 Dec 2009


Xuekun Kou

Xuekun Kou has been architecting, designing, and building enterprise Java applications since the early days of J2EE. He also trains architects and developers on the Java technology, software engineering, and software architecture. He has extensive experience with most application server products, and his experience with the GlassFish application server dates back to its ancestor, Sun Microsystems' application server series: iPlanet, Sun ONE, and Sun Java System application server. He holds degrees from the Florida State University and the University of Science and Technology of China.