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Getting Started with Microsoft Lync Server 2013

Fabrizio Volpe

Everything you need for understanding and working with Lync 2013 in a fast-paced manner
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Book Details

ISBN 139781782179931
Paperback122 pages

About This Book

  • Understand and deliver the top required features such as Enterprise Voice, Persistent Chat, and mobility with step-by-step guides
  • Deploy a working environment applying load balancing and fault tolerant solutions
  • Create a collaborative space around the user’s needs, containing all the information and document history using the Persistent Chat Server

Who This Book Is For

Getting Started with Microsoft Lync Server 2013 is a starting point for system administrators, IT pros, unified communication technicians, and decision makers in companies or in the consultancy business. For people who have never managed Lync (or a U.C. product), the book will guide you through the basic concepts and mistakes. If you are already managing a Lync deployment you will find important explanations and ideas put together in a single text. If your work requires evaluating a Lync project this book offers parameters and suggestions to plan a project to deliver the best results.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Installing a Lync 2013 Enterprise Pool
Lync Server roles
Installation steps and logic
A schema of our example environment
Chapter 2: Understanding Front End Pool Pairing
Introduction to Front End pairing
Associating Lync pools
Failover and failback options
Managing server failures
Chapter 3: Deploying Lync Mobility and External Users Access
The DNS configuration
The reverse proxy
Web services running on the Lync Front End
Lync Edge
Configuring for push notifications
Chapter 4: Introducing the Lync Mediation Server
Configuring the Mediation server
Mediation server tasks
Mediation server improvements in Lync 2013
Media bypass
Call admission control (CAC)
SIP trunk deployment
Chapter 5: Getting Started with Lync Enterprise Voice
Direct inward dialing
Dial plans
Off-hook dialing
Voice policies
PSTN usage records
Voice routes
The logical process behind a call
Chapter 6: Deploying Persistent Chat Server
Why Persistent Chat
Persistent Chat Server installation
Managing categories, chat rooms, and privacy
Chapter 7: Choosing Lync 2013 Clients
What clients are available?

What You Will Learn

  • Install a Lync 2013 Enterprise Pool with SQL mirroring
  • Make Lync available to external users in a secure manner with reverse proxy and Edge
  • Install and optimize the mediation server role
  • Get started with Enterprise Voice and user phone numbers
  • Organize Voice Policies, PSTN Usage Records, and Voice Routes
  • Deploy a Persistent Chat Server with categories, chat rooms, and privacy
  • Select the best available client for the different usage scenarios

In Detail

Lync 2013 is a product that enables users to IM, and have audio and video conferences, including multi-party video. The mobile client permits the use of all the features in every device with an access-from-everywhere logic. The company’s Active Directory users, SharePoint documents, and Exchange objects integrate with Lync to deliver most of the advanced features.

Getting Started with Microsoft Lync Server 2013 will give you all the relevant information you need to enable voice features, select the best Lync client in different scenarios, make your Lync services available to the external users, empower the collaborative environment of Persistent Chat Server rooms, and to build an affordable unified communication system.

Getting Started with Microsoft Lync Server 2013 will explore all the concepts you need to administer and plan a Lync 2013 environment in a short time, explaining the background mechanisms of the system.It begins with the deployment of a Lync frontend and SQL mirroring solution, including all the requirements and tips clearly laid out. It proceeds with the Front End pairing, mobility, and mediation server deployment with media bypass. It covers a core chapter about Enterprise Voice with a closing part on Persistent Chat and on clients with their characteristics.

Getting Started with Microsoft Lync Server 2013 will give you all the relevant information you need to enable voice features, and will help to select the best Lync client in different scenarios.


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