Fundamentals of Malware Analysis [Video]

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  • Study malware behavior based on its class
  • Gather advanced dynamic and static malware analysis
  • Gain experience in working with OllyDbg, WINDBG, and IDA Pro 
  • Know how to detect and defend against malware
  • See how packers and unpackers work

In this video course, we start with the basic concepts of malware and you’ll get familiar with the different types of malware and the malware analysis process. Before moving on with the techniques of malware analysis, you’ll see how to set up your own lab to make a secure environment for malware analysis.

Moving on, you’ll get familiar with the basic techniques of static and dynamic malware analysis and gets your hands dirty with debuggers and disassemblers such as OllyDbg and IDA PRO. You’ll learn how to analyze malware and understand its anatomy using these tools and techniques. Finally, you’ll be exposed to the techniques that malware may use to evade detection and remain undetected.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a solid knowledge that will enable you to analyze the majority of malware programs.

The code bundle for this video course is available at -

Style and Approach

In this tutorial, we explain complicated concepts in malware analysis but in simple language that everyone can understand. We show you the fundamental concepts and augment them with many examples of using tools to analyze malware manually and automatically.

  • This course gets you up and running with the key concepts of malware analysis, malware behavior, and evasions 
  • See a practical implementation of malware analysis using different tools and techniques 
  • Learn the art of detecting, curing, and preventing future malware threats
Course Length 2 hours 10 minutes
ISBN 9781788390279
Date Of Publication 28 Mar 2018


Munir Njenga

Munir Njenga is a self-driven, multi-talented, technology enthusiast, cybersecurity consultant, and researcher. He mainly focuses on malware analysis, and web- and mobile-based application testing and methodologies.

His skills and competencies stem from his active involvement in engagements that deliver advisory services such as network security reviews, security course development, training and capacity building, mobile and internet banking security reviews (BSS, MSC, HLR/AUC, IN, NGN, GGSN/SGSN), web applications, and network attack and penetration testing.

Apart from his security hat, he is a poet, graphic designer, blogger, tool/application tester, social media marketer, web 2.0 developer and designer, naturalist, and traveller.

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