Facebook Application Development with Graph API Cookbook

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  • Install Facebook PHP SDK and register your Facebook application
  • Obtain access token and perform session validation for current Facebook user
  • Work with the newly launched Facebook Graph API
  • Get an insight into the core of Facebook application development such as creating a post on wall, publishing pictures, tagging users, etc
  • Connect to Facebook Social Graph by using Facebook PHP and JavaScript SDKs
  • Leverage Facebook Query Language in order to obtain complex Facebook user data
  • Use Facebook Dialogs to enhance user experience
  • Power your websites with Facebook Social Plugins
  • Define your website content to Facebook Graph using Facebook Open Graph Protocol
  • Handle transactions through Facebook Credits
  • Use XFBML tags to enrich your application
  • Extract Facebook application analytics data
  • Create your own applications, from tip to toe, with ready to use code



With a user base of nearly 800 million people, Facebook is the number one social networking platform. Applications can be created to interact with this huge user base in various ways both inside and outside Facebook. These applications, if developed effectively and efficiently, offer a free medium for promotion and publicity of a product or an organization.

Facebook Application Development with Graph API Cookbook covers both the concepts and implementations necessary to develop Facebook applications and provides ready to use code for common scenarios faced by a developer while creating these applications. It incorporates the newly launched Facebook Graph API and also presents the reader with some intuitive ready to use applications.

This book guides the reader step by step, from start to finish, through various stages of Facebook application development. It begins by exploring the Facebook application registration and discussing the verification and authentication technique. It then takes you through the various ways in which you can use Facebook Graph API for interacting with users such as posting on a user’s wall, tagging a user in a picture, etc. Accessing complex Facebook user data by formulating a series of queries, doing client side scripting and incorporating Facebook Dialog interface are some other features that have been incorporated in this book. Integration of various Facebook Social Plugins such as the like box in your web page has also been discussed. Further you will get to know the concept of virtual currency and how to programmatically derive Facebook analytics data. As the book progresses, you will learn to use and integrate many more advanced features in Facebook application development. The book contains ready to use code that can be deployed instantly. Towards the end, the book houses a variety of ready to use Facebook applications so as to help readers derive their own applications from them.

  • Dive headfirst into Facebook application development with the all new Facebook Graph API.
  • Packed with many demonstrations on how to use Facebook PHP and JS SDKs.
  • Step by step examples demonstrating common scenarios and problems encountered during Facebook Application Development.
  • Houses an exquisite collection of ready to use Facebook applications.


Page Count 336
Course Length 10 hours 4 minutes
ISBN 9781849690928
Date Of Publication 16 Nov 2011


Shashwat Srivastava

Shashwat Srivastava has been an avid coder since high school and has acquired technical proficiency in various programming languages with over 12 years experience. He is a strong advocate of open source tools and hosts his projects at SourceForge. He has successfully participated in Google Summer of Code Programs 2010 and 2011. He graduated as Bachelor in Electronics and Communication from Delhi College of Engineering in 2011. During his college days, Shashwat published websites for several clients including his college library and electronics department. Currently, he is working as an application developer at Oracle. He actively contributes to Drupal and has developed modules such as DrupalChat, DXMPP and Chatroom. His keen interest lies in web application development and as a result he has built several Facebook and Twitter applications. Passionate about programming he loves to blog about PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Linux, Android and other insanities at http://www.botskool.com. When unplugged, he enjoys playing chess and computer games.

Apeksha Singh

Apeksha Singh is a software engineer and an open source hobbyist and enthusiast. She has recently graduated as a Computer Science Engineer from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology and has extensive experience in web development and search engine optimization. She has authored articles and research papers in these fields. She has programming experience of seven years and loves data structure. Obsessed with new technology, Apeksha keeps track of the latest developments in the tech world and likes to update others and share her views by blogging at http://www.botskool.com. She has also worked in the field of embedded systems and robotics. In her free time, she reads novels and plays sports such as badminton and tennis. She can be reached at her personal blog - http://apeksha0701.blogspot.com.