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  • Stage attacks to your own advantage
  • Work with the Metasploit toolkit to test the effectiveness of defenses
  • Incorporate sniffing with the Man-in-the-Middle attack
  • Bypass modern security defenses to understand the ins and outs of security
  • Understand how networks are exploited by attackers

This video course provides a good starting point from which to learn ethical hacking and identify threats and vulnerabilities to secure your IT environment.

We'll begin by introducing you to the best tools around; these are essential to get you started with penetration testing. Next, we'll introduce you to a basic hacking technique: reconnaissance. You'll get hands-on experience working with Metasploit and testing the effectiveness of different defenses. Next, you'll learn about sniffing and how effective the Man-in-the-Middle attack can be. We'll take you through a coffee shop scenario to further your understanding. You'll get the hang of bypassing different defenses, then learn how hackers use networks to gain access to different systems.

Style and Approach

A real-world scenario based video course that takes a gradual learning curve, building up your knowledge about security, right from scratch.

  • Beginner-friendly course that gradually introduces the reader to important concepts and uses hands-on examples
  • Make use of tools on the likes of Kali Linux, Metasploit, and Wireshark
Course Length 2 hours 3 minutes
ISBN 9781786466075
Date Of Publication 30 Jul 2017


Gary Dewey

Gary Dewey is an IT consultant specializing in security. A graduate of SUNY Broome's Computer Security and Forensics degree program in New York, he has attended numerous B-Sides conferences and spoken at B-Sides in Rochester, New York. Gary participated in the 2015 US Cyber Challenge held at Virginia Tech. He is an active member of the Triple Cities Makerspace, a non-profit organization dedicated to community collaboration and learning. He enjoys hiking and cats. He is also the author of the video course: Ethical Hacking for Beginners.