Essentials of PowerShell Scripting [Integrated Course]

Essentials of PowerShell Scripting [Integrated Course]

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Prateek Singh

Learn all the skills you need to start developing useful PowerShell scripts
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Video Details

ISBN 139781788474252
Course Length5 hours

Video Description

Most system admins find PowerShell complicated, and prefer GUI over shell. But not all tasks can be performed in GUI-based and PowerShell is a very effective high-end automation tool where you can perform in even the most complex tasks. In this course we attempt to make PowerShell very easy. We begin with the basics—discuss why we need PowerShell, the advantages of PowerShell, and the installation steps. We also get ourselves acquainted with the look and feel of the PowerShell.

Then we move on to the basic PowerShell cmdlets. Not do we just understand the syntax, we also look at when and where a particular cmdlet can be used. Because PowerShell is not a GUI-based tool, the help system becomes an extremely critical feature. We will look at using the help feature is the most efficient manner, and how we can update help. Also look at different components such as variables, arrays, objects, strings, operators and so on.

We then go on to discuss slightly more advanced topics such as file handling and PowerShell Jobs. We are also briefly introduced to concepts such as WMI and CIM. And learn why they are important.

We then move on to creating our first script. And then adding features such as scope for user inputs, parameters and so on. We also look at ways to simplify the code and maximize the speed of execution.

Finally, we look at error handling and the best practices that should be followed while working with PowerShell.

By the end of this chapter, you will have “befriended” PowerShell and can perform day-to-day tasks efficiently using PowerShell.

Key Features

  • PowerShell Jobs.
  • Jumping from console to scripts.
  • Error Handling.
  • PowerShell best practices.

Who this course is for

This course is mainly aimed for PowerShell beginners and novice system administrators. It gives a broad understanding about all the fundamental concepts of PowerShell which might help any PowerShell enthusiast in getting started with PowerShell.

Table of Contents

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the use of PowerShell
  • Get familiar with the PowerShell interface
  • Run basic PowerShell cmdlets
  • Analyze how the help system works
  • Manipulate the content present in files using PowerShell
  • Understand the Jobs in PowerShell
  • Write scripts
  • Use the pipeline function for code efficiency
  • Learn the best practices of the tool


Table of Contents

Video Details

ISBN 139781788474252
Course Length5 hours
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