Effective Jenkins: Improving Quality in the Delivery Pipeline with Jenkins [Video]

More Information
  • Key Agile test concepts and why they are important for Continuous Delivery pipelines
  • Implement database migration in the delivery pipeline
  • Implement a branching strategy to support your development and delivery process
  • How to work and implement multiple branches builds with Jenkins
  • Integrate Jenkins with GitHub to build pull-requests

In this third volume, now that you are an expert in Jenkins and the Jenkins pipeline, you will improve the quality in your delivery process by implementing an acceptance stage in workflows; we will discuss the test types and add automated API and UI tests to the pipeline. Moving forward, you will understand how to automate the execution of database scripts and add a new stage to your pipeline to manage database migrations.

Going beyond this, you will learn about branching strategies and how to implement continuous feedback on every feature branch using Jenkins multi-branch. Moving on, you'll improve the quality of your software development workflows and learn how to integrate Jenkins with GitHub to automatically build pull requests.

Style and Approach

The course is modular and highly interactive; the student will receive a general introduction and all the practical content is thoroughly explained.

  • Understand Agile tests and implement them in the delivery process
  • Deal with database script deployments in the delivery pipeline
  • Implement an effective branching strategy with continuous feedback on feature branches
Course Length 3 hours 5 minutes
ISBN 9781788473187
Date Of Publication 17 May 2018


Rodrigo Zacheu Russo

Rodrigo is a Certified Jenkins Engineer and has 14+ years' experience in software development with different programming languages and technologies in different countries (Brazil, US, Portugal, Germany, and Austria) and projects in companies ranging from a financial institution to game and e-commerce ventures including Walmart.com, Goodgame Studios, and HERE. He is an enthusiastic practitioner of Agile methodologies, Continuous Delivery, and DevOps, with large-scale adoption experience. He is always seeking to optimize the software development lifecycle through automation, process improvements, and developing new tools and techniques. Rodrigo holds a B.S. in Computer Science and a post-graduate degree in Software Engineering.