Designing and Developing a Modern Jenkins CI System [Video]

More Information
  • Use Docker and Docker Compose to run Jenkins 
  • Create a local Jenkins development environment 
  • Programmatically install and configure common Jenkins Plugins 
  • Programmatically configure the Jenkins master on boot using Groovy 
  • Create jobs using the Jenkins' DSL and utilize Jenkinsfiles from the Pipeline plugin
  • Utilize Docker to build software projects

Jenkins has been known as a fairly inconvenient tool for deployment and management. This is due to the level of customization required for the deployment of a given piece of software. That fact in combination with the lack of methods to programmatically configure Jenkins has created a barrier to success that we’ll break down in this series. We’ll simplify the Jenkins deployment pattern in order to achieve CI system deployment repeatability and a reduction in CI infrastructure management overhead on top of deterministic continuous integration pipelines.

Style and Approach

In this course, each section provides an introduction to each topic, delivering the theory, followed by a practical example or demonstration on the problem or area.

The setup is predefined on top of the Docker runtime environment that will help the viewers get well-acquainted with the setup process on.

  • Design and develop Jenkins Continuous Integration using the modern methodologies of immutable infrastructure and infrastructure automation
  • Use Git, Docker, Jenkins, Groovy, and Ansible to design, build, configure, and deploy a system that has traditionally been difficult to manage and configure
  • Run Jenkins jobs on slave nodes with persistent and ephimeral slaves and manage your build dependencies
Course Length 2 hours 7 minutes
ISBN 9781788390149
Date Of Publication 27 Feb 2018


Martin Reinhardt

Martin Reinhardt has around 10 years' experience in research, enterprise solutions, consulting, portal development, JEE solutions, application and infrastructure integration, test automation, virtualization, and Continuous Integration and Delivery.

Specialties: Model driven architecture (MDA), Java Enterprise solutions, test automation with Selenium, Continuous Integration