CoreOS Essentials

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  • Install and set up CoreOS on your machine and learn more about etcd
  • Write and deploy systemd and fleet units
  • Customize your clustering machines with cloud-config
  • Set up your Docker container's deployment
  • Configure cluster Central Services and release channels
  • Familiarize yourself with free as well as paid CoreOS services
  • Get an overview of CoreOS rkt, a new App Container runtime
  • Learn about Kubernetes and set up its cluster

This book will help you get up and running on using CoreOS to develop effective computing networks. You will begin with understanding the basics of CoreOS. You will then discover what etcd is and how it is used, followed by launching Docker containers with systemd and fleet. Learn how to manage clusters, read system logs, and customize with cloud-config. You will set up the deployment to production using Docker builder and a private Docker registry. You will also see how to set up and use CoreUpdate and Enterprise Registry, and get an introduction to the new App Container called rkt and the newly introduced cluster manager known as Kubernetes.

This book will equip you with all the information you need to leverage the power of CoreOS and the related containers for the effective deployment of your applications.

  • Get to grips with the basics of CoreOS along with managing clusters
  • Write and deploy systemd and fleet units to launch docker containers
  • A comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide with an introduction to the new Rocket App Container and the Google Kubernetes cluster manager
Page Count 132
Course Length 3 hours 57 minutes
ISBN 9781785283949
Date Of Publication 28 Jun 2015


Rimantas Mocevicius

Rimantas Mocevicius is an IT professional with over 20 years of experience in Linux. He is a supporter and fan of open source software. His passion for new technologies drives him forward, and he never wants to stop learning about them.