Configuration Management with Chef-Solo

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  • Define your infrastructure as code in Chef
  • Set up a testing and production environment with Chef-Solo
  • Test the incremental development of a project with Vagrant
  • Develop recipes and manage web and database roles
  • Automate tedious manual tasks
  • Learn to use data bags and write clean cookbooks
  • Create a Docker image using cookbooks
  • Manage and scale your cloud infrastructure by automating your configuration management

Chef is a configuration management tool used to handle the hardest part of infrastructure, easing the deployment of servers and applications to any infrastructure. Chef-Solo is an open source version of the chef-client that allows you to use cookbooks with nodes, without requiring access to a Chef server. In any infrastructure, managing servers is one of the most critical tasks for any server administration. Chef-Solo makes the process of booting and provisioning many machines at the same time much easier.

Configuration Management with Chef-Solo will take you through the workflow of managing one or more servers. It includes many sample recipes to start with, and gradually you will take a look at the different interaction points and will also learn how Chef-Solo helps minimize your efforts to build and manage different machines. You will learn how to run servers while executing Ruby code. This  hands-on guide will help you to understand the importance of this amazing configuration management tool.

  • Explore various techniques that will help you save time in Infrastructure management
  • Use the power of Chef-Solo to run your servers and configure and deploy applications in an automated manner
  • This book will help you to understand the need for the configuration management tool and provides you with a step-by-step guide to maintain your existing infrastructure
Page Count 116
Course Length 3 hours 28 minutes
ISBN 9781783982462
Date Of Publication 24 Jun 2014


Naveed ur Rahman

Naveed ur Rahman is a self-taught programmer and an avid traveler. When he is not experimenting with the latest in programming and deployment, he is out camping and watching cricket.

His adventures in programming began at a very young age when he got introduced to GW-BASIC. Now, he has experience working for one of the biggest tech names in the Middle East.

Having worked at the largest technology company in the Middle East, Naveed has helped teams create and deploy applications written in various languages using configuration management tools.