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  • Grasp the fundamentals of network security
  • Configure routing protocols to secure network devices
  • Mitigate different styles of security attacks using Cisco devices
  • Explore the different types of firewall technologies
  • Discover the Cisco ASA functionality and gain insights into some advanced ASA configurations
  • Implement IPS on a Cisco device and understand the concept of endpoint security

With CCNA Security certification, a network professional can demonstrate the skills required to develop security infrastructure, recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks, and mitigate security threats. The CCNA Security 210-260 Certification Guide will help you grasp the fundamentals of network security and prepare you for the Cisco CCNA Security Certification exam.

You’ll begin by getting a grip on the fundamentals of network security and exploring the different tools available. Then, you’ll see how to securely manage your network devices by implementing the AAA framework and configuring different management plane protocols.

Next, you’ll learn about security on the data link layer by implementing various security toolkits. You’ll be introduced to various firewall technologies and will understand how to configure a zone-based firewall on a Cisco IOS device. You’ll configure a site-to-site VPN on a Cisco device and get familiar with different types of VPNs and configurations. Finally, you’ll delve into the concepts of IPS and endpoint security to secure your organization’s network infrastructure.

By the end of this book, you’ll be ready to take the CCNA Security Exam (210-260).

  • Enhance your skills in network security by learning about Cisco’s device configuration and installation
  • Unlock the practical aspects of CCNA security to secure your devices
  • Explore tips and tricks to help you achieve the CCNA Security 210-260 Certification
Page Count 518
Course Length 15 hours 32 minutes
ISBN 9781787128873
Date Of Publication 14 Jun 2018


Glen D. Singh

Glen D. Singh, CEH, CHFI, 3xCCNA (cyber ops, security, and routing and switching) is a cyber security instructor, author, and consultant. He specializes in penetration testing, digital forensics, network security, and enterprise networking. He enjoys teaching and mentoring students, writing books, and participating in a range of outdoor activities. As an aspiring game-changer, Glen is passionate about developing cyber security awareness in his homeland, Trinidad and Tobago.

Michael Vinod

Michael Vinod is a freelance IT trainer and consultant specializing in Cisco routing, switching, and security technologies. He has expertise in the field of networking, with close to 3 years of field experience and 7 years of experience, as a Cisco training consultant. He has a passion for training individuals on Cisco technologies and has received accolades from various clients.

Vijay Anandh

Vijay Anandh is an IT consultant and public speaker specializing in Cisco routing and switching, security, and F5 load balancer technologies. He has 9 years of combined experience as a training consultant and network architect.