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Cassandra Design Patterns

Sanjay Sharma

This book is a fantastic guide to the ins and outs of the Cassandra database solution and how to apply the right design patterns in real-world situations. An essential tutorial for architects and developers.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783288809
Paperback88 pages

About This Book

  • Learn how to identify real world use cases that Cassandra solves easily, in order to use it effectively
  • Identify and apply usage and design patterns to solve specific business and technical problems including technologies that work in tandem with Cassandra
  • A hands-on guide that will show you the strengths of the technology and help you apply Cassandra design patterns to data models

Who This Book Is For

If you are an architect or developer wanting to design real world applications using Cassandra, this book is ideal for you. It would be helpful to have a background in Cassandra or programming concepts, but the book is readable for general users who have experience in any programming language or are aware of RDBMS solutions.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Overview of Architecture and Data Modeling in Cassandra
Understanding the background of Cassandra's architecture
Understanding the background of Cassandra modeling
An overview of architecture and modeling
A summary of the features in Cassandra
Chapter 2: An Overview of Case and Design Patterns
Understanding the 3V Model
Chapter 3: 3V Patterns
Pattern name – Web scale store
Pattern name – Ultra fast data sink
Pattern name – Flexi schema
Chapter 4: Core Cassandra Patterns
Pattern name – Highly available store
Pattern name – Time series analytics
Pattern name – Atomic distributed counter service
Chapter 5: Search and Analytics Applied Use Case Patterns
Pattern name – Streaming/CEP analytics
Pattern name – Needle in a haystack/search engine
Pattern name – Graph problems
Pattern name – Advanced analytics
Chapter 6: Patterns and Anti-patterns
Pattern name – Content/Document store
Pattern name – Object/Entity store
Pattern name – CAP the ACID
Pattern name – Materialized view
Pattern name – Composite key
Additional interesting patterns
Anti-pattern name – Messaging queue
Patterns and anti-patterns – Cassandra infrastructure/deployment problems

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the key capabilities of Cassandra
  • Identify various business and technical use cases
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Cassandra’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Design complex big data applications using Cassandra
  • Use Cassandra along with other leading solutions to design complex software to solve real world business problems
  • Start using Cassandra to solve problems that are difficult or impossible to solve in the traditional RDBMS world

In Detail

Cassandra is a powerful data store solution in the open source NoSQL world. The ability to use its vast capabilities correctly is the need of the hour as more developers start using this powerful tool. Hence, it becomes important to be able to understand how and where to apply Cassandra correctly.

This practical guide will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of Cassandra and teach you to how to identify business and technical use cases that Cassandra solves.You will also learn how to solve real world business problems and enable you to use Cassandra in the best possible way.

Starting with the origins of Cassandra, this book will delve into how Cassandra solves the traditional big data’s volume, variety and velocity problems. You will then discover use cases and design patterns that every architect and developer faces when designing new solutions, and understand how to use Cassandra to solve these challenges,as well as how to avoid common mistakes and using Cassandra incorrectly.

The book uses design strategies and code samples in order to help you understand the nuances of the use case and design patterns. Finally, after learning about the design patterns to be used in Cassandra, you will develop an understanding of how Cassandra can be used in conjunction with other leading solutions to solve complex real world problems.


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