Cacti 0.8 Beginner's Guide

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  • Set up Cacti on Linux and Windows systems
  • Extend the core functionality by using the plugin architecture
  • Build your own custom plugins
  • Create your own custom data input method to retrieve data from your systems
  • Use SNMP, SSH, and WMI to retrieve remote performance data
  • Design and create enterprise-class reports with the reporting plugins
  • Implement threshold-based alerting using the Thold plugin
  • Automate common administrative tasks utilizing the command-line interface and the autom8 plugin
  • Enable mobile access to your Cacti installation for your end users

Cacti is a performance measurement tool that provides easy methods and functions for gathering and graphing system data. You can use Cacti to develop a robust event management system that can alert on just about anything you would like it to. But to do that, you need to gain a solid understanding of the basics of Cacti, its plugin architecture, and automation concepts.

Cacti 0.8 Beginner's Guide will introduce you to the wide variety of features of Cacti and will guide you on how to use them for maximum effectiveness. Advanced topics like the plugin architecture and Cacti automation using the command-line interface will help you build a professional performance measurement system.

Designed as a beginner's guide, the book starts off with the basics of installing and using Cacti, and also covers the advanced topics that will show you how to customize and extend the core Cacti functionalities. The book offers essential tutorials for creating advanced graphs and using plugins to create enterprise-class reports to show your customers and colleagues.

From data templates to input methods and plugin installation to creating your own customized plugins, this book provides you with a rich selection of step-by-step instructions to reach your goals. It covers all you need to know to implement professional performance measurement techniques with Cacti and ways to fully customize Cacti to fit your needs.

By the end of the book, you will be able to implement and extend Cacti to monitor, display, and report the performance of your network exactly the way you want.

  • A complete Cacti book that focuses on the basics as well as the advanced concepts you need to know for implementing a Network Operations Center
  • A step-by-step Beginner's Guide with detailed instructions on how to create and implement custom plugins
  • Real-world examples, which you can explore and make modifications to as you go
  • Written by Thomas Urban – creator of the "Network Management Inventory Database" plugins for Cacti
Page Count 348
Course Length 10 hours 26 minutes
ISBN 9781849513920
Date Of Publication 16 Mar 2011


Thomas Urban

Thomas Urban is the owner of, a software and consulting services company providing add-ons, plugins, and services for the Cacti Performance Monitoring systems. He has been in the consulting business for more than 5 years and has been creating web applications for over 20 years building reporting interfaces, network management software, asset management sites, and much more.


He is a part of the Cacti community and is known as Phalek in the Cacti forums, where he is among the Top 10 contributors.


He started writing the first Cacti Beginner’s Guide for Cacti 0.8 back in 2011. The second edition is his second official effort.