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Building Enterprise Ready Telephony Systems with sipXecs 4.0

Michael W. Picher

Leveraging open source VOIP for a rock-solid communications system
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847196804
Paperback314 pages

About This Book

  • Learn how to plan, deploy and migrate an enterprise ready communications system with sipXecs
  • Discover the different options for configuring phones, users and server features to get the best result for your organization
  • Secure and maintain your sipXecs system

Who This Book Is For

This book is written for network engineers who have been asked to deploy and maintain communications systems for their organizations.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Telephony Concepts and sipXecs
Traditional phone system concepts
sipX Enterprise Communications System overview
sipXecs features
Chapter 2: System Planning and Equipment Selection
System planning
Equipment selection
Plan the installation
Chapter 3: Installing sipXecs
Complete cabling requirements
Complete network requirements
Installing sipXecs
High availability installation
Verify DNS and DHCP operation
Chapter 4: Configuring Users
Creating users
Phantom users
Chapter 5: Configuring Phones in sipXecs
Types of phones
Phone groups
Phone firmware
Advanced phone configuration
Chapter 6: Connecting to the World with sipXecs
Adding gateways
Dial Plans
Session Border Controllers
Chapter 7: Configuring sipXecs Server Features
Auto Attendant
Auto Attendant example
Paging Groups
Hunt Groups
Call Park Orbits
Music on Hold
Chapter 8: Using sipXecs—The User Perspective
The Telephone User Interface (TUI)
Using the sipXecs voicemail service
The user web portal
User training
Chapter 9: Configuring Advanced sipXecs Features
Conference service
Utilizing DIDs
Phantom users
Connecting two sipXecs servers
Chapter 10: Utilizing the sipXecs ACD Service
Enabling the ACD Service
Configuring the ACD Service
Agent Availability
Monitoring the ACD Server
ACD Reporting
Chapter 11: Maintenance and Security
System backup and restore
Monitoring system performance
System alarms
External monitoring of system availability
System logs
System snapshots
System security
Updating system software

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the complexities of an IP Telephony and Voice over IP network
  • Build a clear process for migrating existing phone systems to an IP based system
  • Deliver a solid foundation for any IP based phone system
  • Quickly and easily get a sipXecs open source PBX running
  • Deploy phones quickly and easily.
  • Utilize Internet Telephony Service Providers to reduce monthly telephony bills
  • Develop training materials to help successfully teach your users how to use the system
  • Leverage sipXecs Automatic Call Distribution Queues to handle basic Call Center needs
  • Operate and Maintain a reliable communications platform

In Detail

Open source telephony systems are making big waves in the communications industry. Moving your organization from a lab environment to production system can seem like a daunting and inherently risky proposition. Building Enterprise Ready Telephony Systems with sipXecs delivers proven techniques for deploying reliable and robust communications systems.

Building Enterprise Ready Telephony Systems with sipXecs provides a guiding hand in planning, building and migrating a corporate communications system to the open source sipXecs SIP PBX platform. Following this step-by-step guide makes normally complex tasks, such as migrating your existing communication system to VOIP and deploying phones, easy. Imagine how good you'll feel when you have a complete, enterprise ready telephony system at work in your business.

Planning a communications system for any size of network can seem an overwhelmingly complicated task. Deploying a robust and reliable communications system may seem even harder. This book will start by helping you understand the nuts and bolts of a Voice over IP Telephony system. The base knowledge gained is then built upon with system design and product selection. Soon you will be able to implement, utilize and maintain a communications system with sipXecs. Many screen-shots and diagrams help to illustrate and make simple what can otherwise be a complex undertaking. It's easy to build an enterprise ready telephony system when you follow this helpful, straightforward guide.


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