Boost.Asio C++ Network Programming - Second Edition

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  • Prepare the tools to simplify network programming in C++ using Boost.Asio
  • Explore the networking concepts of IP addressing, TCP/IP ports and protocols, and LAN topologies
  • Get acquainted with the usage of the Boost libraries
  • Get to know more about the content of Boost.Asio network programming and Asynchronous programming
  • Establish communication between client and server by creating client-server application
  • Understand the various functions inside Boost.Asio C++ libraries to delve into network programming
  • Discover how to debug and run the code successfully

Boost.Asio is a C++ library used for network programming operations.

Organizations use Boost because of its productivity. Use of these high-quality libraries speed up initial development, result in fewer bugs, reduce reinvention-of-the-wheel, and cut long-term maintenance costs. Using Boost libraries gives an organization a head start in adopting new technologies.

This book will teach you C++ Network programming using synchronous and asynchronous operations in Boost.Asio with minimum code, along with the fundamentals of Boost, server-client applications, debugging, and more.

You will begin by preparing and setting up the required tools to simplify your network programming in C++ with Boost.Asio. Then you will learn about the basic concepts in networking such as IP addressing, TCP/IP protocols, and LAN with its topologies. This will be followed by an overview of the Boost libraries and their usage.

Next you will get to know more about Boost.Asio and its concepts related to network programming. We will then go on to create a client-server application, helping you to understand the networking concepts. Moving on, you will discover how to use all the functions inside the Boost.Asio C++ libraries. Lastly, you will understand how to debug the code if there are errors found and will run the code successfully.

  • Learn efficient C++ network programming with minimum coding using Boost.Asio
  • Your one-stop destination to everything related to the Boost.Asio library
  • Explore the fundamentals of networking to choose designs with more examples, and learn the basics of Boost.Asio
Page Count 200
Course Length 6 hours 0 minutes
ISBN 9781785283079
Date Of Publication 15 Sep 2015


Wisnu Anggoro

Wisnu Anggoro is a Microsoft Certified Professional in C# programming and an experienced C/C++ developer. He has also authored the books Boost.Asio C++ Network Programming - Second Edition and Functional C# by Packt. He has been programming since he was in junior high school, which was about 20 years ago, and started developing computer applications using the BASIC programming language in the MS-DOS environment. He has solid experience in smart card programming, as well as desktop and web application programming, including designing, developing, and supporting the use of applications for SIM Card Operating System Porting, personalization, PC/SC communication, and other smart card applications that require the use of C# and C/C++.

He is currently a senior smart card software engineer at CIPTA, an Indonesian company that specializes in innovation and technology for smart cards. He can be reached through his email at

John Torjo

John Torjo is a renown C++ expert. He has been programming for over 15 years, most of which were spent doing C++. Sometimes, he also codes C# or Java. He's also enjoyed writing articles about programming in C++ Users Journal (currently, Dr. Dobbs) and other magazines. In his spare time, he likes playing poker and driving fast cars. One of his freelance projects lets him combine two of his passions, programming and poker. You can reach him at