AWS CloudFormation Master Class [Video]

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  • Master all CloudFormation concepts.
  • Practice learnings with hands-on examples.
  • Learn how to use YAML to write the CloudFormation templates.
  • Write your infrastructure as code.
  • Launch several templates.
  • Complete a walkthrough of CloudFormation Init Metadata.
  • Advanced concepts overview

AWS CloudFormation is the best way to write, deploy and maintain your AWS infrastructure. It helps you create efficient solution architectures, all self-contained in one file. It supports most of the AWS services, and is the safest way to make your AWS infrastructure evolve over time. Thanks to YAML, writing AWS CloudFormation templates has become extremely easy and natural. AWS CloudFormation is powerful and supports parameters, mappings, resources, references, cross-stack references, conditions, outputs, metadata, and so much more!

Style and Approach

This course assumes you know how to use the AWS Cloud. It will help you transform your solution architecting skills into CloudFormation templates.

  • Learn CloudFormation and master all its concepts.
  • Go through Hands On examples to practice what you learnt
  • Learn how to use YAML to write the CloudFormation templates
  • Learn how to write your infrastructure as code
  • Keep all the course material as a reference for your future templates!
  • Learn each of the CloudFormation building blocks in-depth: parameters, mappings, resources, outputs, conditions, metadata
  • Learn about CloudFormation Init, the most powerful way to bootstrap your EC2 instances
  • So much more!
Course Length 3 hours 2 minutes
ISBN 9781789343694
Date Of Publication 7 May 2018


Stéphane Maarek

Stephane Maarek is a solutions architect, consultant and software developer that has a particular interest in all things related to big data and analytics. He's also a best selling instructor for his courses in Apache Kafka, Apache NiFi and AWS Lambda! He loves Apache Kafka. He regularly contributes to the Apache Kafka project and wrote a guest blog post featured on the Confluent website, the company behind Apache Kafka. He also is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and has many years of experience with technologies such as Apache Kafka, Apache NiFi, Apache Spark, Hadoop, PostgreSQL, Tableau, Spotfire, Docker and Ansible amongst many others. His favorite programming languages are Scala and Python, and he plans on learning Go soon. During his spare time, he enjoys cooking, practicing yoga, surfing, watching TV shows, and traveling to awesome destinations!

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