Automating Microsoft Azure with PowerShell

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  • Connect to Microsoft Azure with PowerShell
  • Manage storage blobs, tables, and queues with PowerShell
  • Create virtual machines with PowerShell
  • Query SQL databases with PowerShell
  • Deploy websites and cloud services with PowerShell
  • Create virtual networks and traffic manager profiles with PowerShell
  • Perform Active Directory management tasks with PowerShell
  • Automate complex tasks using automation runbooks

This book is a one-stop guide on managing Microsoft Azure services using PowerShell. Administrators and developers will learn how to use PowerShell to create and manage Azure websites, virtual machines, SQL databases, and so on.

Starting with an introduction to Windows PowerShell, this book will assist you in connecting to Microsoft Azure with PowerShell. Next, the book covers how to create and manage Azure storage accounts, including file, blob, and table storage. Moving on, this book covers creating and managing Azure virtual machines, SQL databases, websites, virtual networks, traffic manager, cloud services, and Active Directory. Finally, this book covers how to automate complex tasks using Azure automation runbooks.

  • Deploy and manage virtual machines, virtual networks, and an online database for application provisioning, maintenance, and high availability of your data
  • Upload your movies, data, and disk images to the cloud with just a single line of PowerShell code
  • A pragmatic guide full of hands-on examples on managing Microsoft Azure using PowerShell
Page Count 156
Course Length 4 hours 40 minutes
ISBN 9781784398873
Date Of Publication 18 Mar 2015


John Chapman

John Chapman is a software engineer in the Phoenix area. Having also worked in the higher education, telecommunications, and enterprise software industries, John's development experience includes .NET, SharePoint, Swift, Objective-C and other languages, markup, and platforms. You can visit his website at

Aman Dhally

Aman Dhally is a PowerShell MVP and founder of New Delhi PowerShell User Group. He has more than 14 years of experience in the IT industry. His main focus is the automation of manual tasks using PowerShell. He came in to contact with PowerShell in 2010. Since then, he has published a wealth of articles, videos, blogs, and PowerShell scripts. He loves teaching PowerShell and speaking at User Group events.

Aman works as a network analyst for Analysys Mason Limited, which he describes as a "cool" company to work for. Here, he works on various IT projects, and his PowerShell skills bring a unique approach to solving IT issues and improving efficiency within the company.

He is fascinated by anything to do with life: philosophy, self-help techniques, and biographies of famous people, which he finds inspiring. In his free time, you will often find him reading a book on any of these subjects. His philosophy can be summed up by his phrase: "You see a mousetrap, I see free cheese and a challenge!"