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Nir Simionovich

A practical guide for deploying and managing an Asterisk-based telephony system using the AsteriskNOW Beta 6 software appliance
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847192882
Paperback204 pages

About This Book

  • Install an Asterisk-based telephony system fast
  • Build an office PBX using AsteriskNOW
  • Learn the AsteriskGUI web management interface
  • Configure IP phones and connections
  • Configure and use the conferencing system
  • Write your own applications for Asterisk

Who This Book Is For

This book is for complete beginners who are interested in setting up their own telephony system and are overwhelmed with the configuration options in Asterisk. It shows how to install and configure AsteriskNow and configure the required dial plan.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Telephony and Asterisk
The Basics of Traditional Telephony
The Basics of Voice over IP (VoIP) Technology
Asterisk—The Open-Source PBX
AsteriskNOW—The Asterisk Software Appliance
Chapter 2: Building a PBX
Objective—Building an Office PBX
Chapter 3: Extensions, Phones, and Others
An IP Phone is a Simplified Computer
AsteriskNOW Extension Management GUI
The LinkSys 941
CounterPath X-Lite—The Worlds Most Popular Soft Phone
Chapter 4: Service Providers—Your Connection to the World
VoIP Carriers
PSTN Carriers—Traditional Telephony Providers
Configuring an IP Termination Service Provider
Chapter 5: Tentacles of the PBX—The Calling Rules Tables
Managing Routing Rules with AsteriskNOW
Manually Editing Dial-Plan Logic
Chapter 6: "Let me in!"—Inbound Call Routing
Inbound DID Routing versus Analog Physical Routing
Inbound Routing via DID Numbers
Inbound Routing via Physical Ports
Inbound Call Routing with AsteriskNOW
Inbound Call Routing in extensions.conf
Chapter 7: "For Annoyance, Press 1"—Voice Menus and IVR
Four Rules of IVR
Voice Menus—AsteriskNOW's IVR Generator
Chapter 8: Voicemail, Conferencing, and Parking—Advanced PBX Services
Comedian Mail—The Asterisk Voicemail System
MeetMe Conferencing
Call Parking
Chapter 9: "Please hold, we'll be with you shortly"—Simple Call Queues
Queue General Options
Queue Options
Utilizing Call Queues
Chapter 10: General AsteriskNOW Management—Monitoring, Backups, and More
AsteriskNOW General Options
AsteriskNOW Backup
Asterisk Logs
AsteriskNOW System Info
AsteriskNOW Active Channels
AsteriskNOW Graphs
Chapter 11: Hard Core AsteriskNOW
AsteriskNOW Advanced Options
Gaining Root Access to Your AsteriskNOW via SSH
The Asterisk Command-Line Interface (CLI)
The Asterisk Dial-Plan Language (extensions.conf)
The Asterisk Configuration Directory
Chapter 12: Where to from Here?
Beyond the Dial Plan—Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI)
Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI)
Asynchronous JavaScript Asterisk Manager (AJAM)
Ideas and Mesh-ups
DUNDi—Distributed Universal Number Discovery

What You Will Learn

  • The basic components of an AsteriskNOW telephony system
  • Installing AsteriskNOW
  • Building an office PBX using AsteriskNOW
  • Using the AsteriskNOW web GUI interface
  • Configuring an IP soft phone: CounterPath X-Lite
  • Configuring an IP hard phone: LinkSys 941
  • Configuring an IP adapter
  • Configuring a connection for an IAX2 DID provider
  • How to plan the routing logic of your PBX
  • How to record your system announcements
  • Building a menu using the GUI wizard
  • Configuring and using conference rooms with the conferencing system
  • Writing your own applications for Asterisk with the Asterisk Gateway Interface

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