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Ansible 2 for Beginners [Video]

More Information
  • Configure and manage your infrastructure using Ansible Playbooks
  • Get acquainted with Modules, Playbooks, Roles, and Variables
  • Learn how to apply Conditions and Loops for control flow in your Playbooks
  • Apply Conditions and Loops
  • Create task Blocks and choose the right Ansible Strategy for the job
  • Integrate Ansible with various Cloud Providers such as AWS and Openstack
  • Understand the nuances of Ansible 2 and its new features
  • Provision Environments using Ansible
  • Get introduced to Ansible Galaxy and Tower

Ansible is one of the most popular tools in the open source orchestration and automation space. This simple, agent-less tool can conquer almost any automation task. Whether you want to manage an entire cloud region, configure network devices, or orchestrate configuration changes across Linux or Windows machines, Ansible is up to the challenge.

In this course, you will get started with Ansible 2.0, including its installation, the problems it solves, and more. We will also walk through creating your very first playbooks. You’ll understand the power of variables and quickly be able to manage environments and implement strategies. You will find out how to integrate with different cloud platforms and be introduced to Ansible Galaxy and Tower, which are Ansible's enterprise tooling for supporting large-scale infrastructure.

By the end of this course, you will be well versed in the basics of Ansible and be able to automate your organizational infrastructure easily.

Style and Approach

This video is a practical, informative, step-by-step tutorial on the new Ansible 2, which is an ideal configuration management tool for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Each bit of theory taught in the videos is backed up with practical, hands-on demonstrations that drive home the concepts. You can use this real-life demonstration code immediately, or use it as a base to build on and customize for your own, specific needs.


  • Get acquainted with using Ansible 2 features like playbooks, modules and various testing strategies
  • Show the level of flexibility and durability that Ansible offers to any operator, administrator or general consumer.
  • Increase the functionality of your infrastructure by integrating with Cloud platforms like AWS and OpenStack
Course Length 4 Hours 21 minutes
ISBN 9781786465719
Date Of Publication 13 Feb 2017


David Cohen

I've been a system administrator, platform engineer, devops engineer, and software developer in everything from small businesses to growing companies (100+ employees) and large tech/engineering firms (10,000+ employees).

Most of my work has centered around Linux and Unix system administration, web security, and software development in Python, Ruby, Javascript, and Go. I've also done stranger things like helping to design two Tier-4 datacenters and being an Infantryman (not at the same time).

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