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Advanced Continuous Delivery Pipeline [Video]

More Information
  • Concepts of configuration management
  • Combine Ansible with Docker and Docker Compose
  • Build a complete Continuous Delivery process
  • Concepts of server clustering
  • Implementation of server clustering using Docker Swarm
  • Different aspects related to the Continuous Delivery process

The combination of Docker and Jenkins improves your Continuous Delivery pipeline using fewer resources. It also helps you scale up your builds, automate tasks, and speed up Jenkins performance with the benefits of Docker containerization.

This course explains continuous delivery pipelines in depth and improve the continuous integration and delivery process of app development. It starts with managing configuration using Ansible. Then we build a complete Continuous Delivery pipeline. Finally we present a mixture of different aspects related to the Continuous Delivery process.

Style and Approach

This course follows a step-by-step approach, beginning from managing configurations using Ansible to advanced continuous pipelines.

  • Build reliable and secure applications using Docker containers.
  • Create a complete Continuous Delivery pipeline using Docker, Jenkins, and Ansible.
  • Deliver your applications directly on the Docker Swarm cluster.
  • Create more complex solutions using multi-containers and database migrations
Course Length 1 hour 30 minutes
Date Of Publication 15 Oct 2017


Rafał Leszko

Rafal Leszko is a passionate software developer, trainer, and conference speaker living in Krakow, Poland. He has spent his career writing code, designing architecture, and tech leading in a number of companies and organizations such as Google, CERN, and AGH University. Always open to new challenges, he has given talks and conducted workshops at more than a few international conferences such as Devoxx and Voxxed Days.