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The 3CX IP PBX Tutorial

Matthew M. Landis, Robert Lloyd

Save money and gain kudos when you use this book to develop a fully functional PBX phone system using 3CX. Written for beginners, it walks you through the basic concepts to setting up a complete professional system.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847198969
Paperback228 pages

About This Book

  • Implement a full-featured Windows-based phone system using 3CX
  • Connect successfully to the outside world using VoIP and PSTN lines
  • Configure, connect, and test extensions and master different ways of controlling calls in 3CX
  • Written by experienced 3CX consultants and filled with Tips and Tricks, as well as real-world examples

Who This Book Is For

This book is for beginners who know nothing about 3CX or VoIP. It will guide them to set up a complete system. Advanced users will also gain insight from information on real-world hardware and software tips and tricks.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with the 3CX Phone System
About the company—3CX
What the 3CX Phone System is
Hardware versus software phone systems
Linux Asterisk versus Windows 3CX
Major components of the 3CX Phone System
Some characteristics and features of 3CX
What the 3CX Phone System is not
Chapter 2: Downloading and Installing 3CX
What you will need
Your 3CX server hardware requirements
Choosing a Windows operating system
Downloading 3CX and getting a key
Starting the install
Checking the status of 3CX
Chapter 3: Working with Extensions
Devices that can connect to 3CX as extensions
Verifying basic network connectivity to our 3CX server from another computer
Basic extension setup in the administrator console
Installing and connecting the 3CX VoIP Phone
Testing the extension we just connected
Connecting a Snom 360 phone
Connecting other phones
Checking out the MyPhone UserPortal page
Extension groups
Editing multiple extensions at a time
Chapter 4: Call Control: Ring Groups, Auto-attendants, and Call Queues
Ring groups
Digital Receptionist setup
Call by name setup
Call queues
Chapter 5: Trunks—Connecting to the Outside World
PSTN trunks
SIP trunks
Choosing a VoIP carrier—more than just price
Connecting 3CX to your trunk
Creating a SIP trunk
Chapter 6: Configuration
Music on Hold
Prompt sets
Dial plans
Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
Chapter 7: Enterprise Features
Remote phones
Remote site to 3CX site VPN tunnel
Call recording
Call reporting
Faxing with 3CX
Chapter 8: 3CX Integration
Outlook 2007 Click-to-Dial integration
Integrating Instant Messaging Server
Integrating 3CX and Openfire
Integrating Legacy PBX
More integration possibilities
Chapter 9: Hardware
Gateways: The connection to the outside world
Looking at the Patton 4114 FXO gateway
Looking at the Patton 4960 T1 gateway
ATA connects your analog devices to your PBX
Looking at the Patton M-ATA
SIP phone handset
Router configuration
Chapter 10: Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Disaster recovery
Trunk backup
Using logs to troubleshoot your phone system
3CX services: They all need to run
When you need support

What You Will Learn

  • Install and configure 3CX as per your hardware and operating system requirements
  • Configure, connect, and test software and hardware extensions that will help your implementation go smoother
  • Master various ways to control and handle calls in 3CX by setting up a ring group, digital receptionist, and call queues
  • Learn the need for a trunk, PSTN line; choose a VoIP Provider, the equipment needed; and finally integrate a trunk into 3CX using the easy-to-use wizards
  • Create custom music on hold, specific Outbound Rules, Promptsets, and Direct Dials, all of which give you more flexibility in professional and flexible phone systems
  • Connect 3CX to Microsoft Outlook, integrate 3CX with a free instant message server, and link a legacy PBX with 3CX
  • Get to grips with the commonly used 3CX hardware such as FXO gateway, a PRI gateway, and ATA gateway
  • Back up your phone system, learn your disaster recovery options, and plan in advance how to tackle failed phone lines

In Detail

Traditional PBX systems have often been expensive and proprietary. With 3CX, you can now create an easy-to-use, complete, and cost-effective phone system on Microsoft Windows. This practical guide offers the insight that a reader needs to exploit the potential that 3CX has to offer.

This practical hands-on book covers everything you need to know about designing, installing and customizing 3CX to create an all-inclusive phone system. It takes a real-world approach that walks you through all aspects of 3CX and its features. From installing the software, to backing things up, to understanding what hardware you need – this book covers it all.

The 3CX IP PBX Tutorial will take you from knowing very little about VoIP to almost expert level with detailed how-tos on every aspect of 3CX. Starting with the basics, and covering the free version of 3CX as well as the more advanced features of the Enterprise version, you will learn it all.

In other words, this book covers numerous topics such as installation and configuration of 3CX, choosing a VoIP Provider, integration of a trunk into 3CX, the commonly used 3CX hardware, and backing up your phone system.


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