The Complete iOS SDK Development Course - be job-ready! [Video]

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  • Be more productive when coding, and develop better products
  • Go beyond the basic Apple API and use other popular APIs
  • How to get a new job or career (either within the industry or as a freelancer)!
  • Include Facebook login in any app
  • Authenticate users with Google sign-in
  • Authenticate users with Twitter sign-in
  • Accept credit cards in your app
  • Learn how to track crashes even for live apps
  • Upload files to an Amazon S3 bucket
  • Use the Foursquare API to find popular places around you
  • Send push notifications the using OneSignal SDK
  • Integrate Google banners and full-screen ads in apps

Are you an iOS developer looking to work as a freelancer or get a job in the industry? Do you want to increase your market worth? Do you want to learn how to integrate third-party SDKs into your own app? Do you want to be job-ready and learn how to tackle most client requests when you work as a freelancer? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then this course is for you!

This course includes ALL the most popular third-party iOS SDKs that you will need to learn to be job-ready. Vendor SDKs we'll cover include:



Amazon AWS S3




Google Sign In




Other SDKs (including DropBox, Firebase, PayPal, to name a few…)

There's no better time to become a professional iOS developer. App development continues to grow and more developers are required and earn good salaries.

All the codes and resource files for this course are available at:

  • Learn how to integrate third-party SDKs into your own app
  • Learn to authenticate users with Google Sign-In, upload files to Amazon S3 bucket, and lots more
Course Length 7 hours 45 minutes
ISBN 9781838988746
Date Of Publication 5 Jul 2019


Company Eco Web Hosting Ltd

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