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MediaWiki Administrators’ Tutorial Guide

Mizanur Rahman

Install, manage, and customize your MediaWiki installation
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Book Details

ISBN 139781904811596
Paperback284 pages

About This Book

  • Get your MediaWiki site up fast
  • Manage users, special pages, and more
  • Customize and extend your MediaWiki site
  • Create new, attractive MediaWiki themes

Who This Book Is For

This book is for competent computer users who want to run MediaWiki. They should have some knowledge of HTML and have used a wiki before. No PHP knowledge is required for most of the book, although some chapters at the end include some PHP code.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: About MediaWiki
Web 2.0
About MediaWiki
Chapter 2: Installing MediaWiki
Downloading MediaWiki
Upload the MediaWiki Files to your Server
Creating a MySQL Database
Changing Permissions of the Config Folder
The Installation Process
First Look at our Installed Wiki Site
Chapter 3: Starting MediaWiki
A Closer Look at the MediaWiki Navigation
Creating New Pages for the Haunted
Considerations before Adding a New Page/New Content
Page Name Convention
Formatting Pages
Creating Links and References
Chapter 4: Advanced Formatting
Using Lists with MediaWiki
Using Tables
File Uploading
Working with Images
Using Audio with MediaWiki
Using Mathematical Formulas
Magic Words
Chapter 5: Organizing Content
Necessity of Organizing Content
MediaWiki Content Organizing Features
Moving a Page
Special Pages
Chapter 6: MediaWiki in a Multi-User Environment
Disadvantages of Completely Open Systems
Advantages of User Accounts
Setting Up User Accounts
Customizing User Accounts
Finding Out Who Has Done What and When
What Must be Considered for Multi-User Environments?
Reverting Changes
Resolving Edit Conflict
Communicating with Other Users
Making a Community Site with Talk Pages
Chapter 7: Administrating MediaWiki
What You Show Know
Access Types
Changing User Rights
Granting Permissions to Users
Blocking Users
Protecting a Page
Deleting a Page
Allowing File Uploads
Security Checklist
Creating Interwiki Links
Chapter 8: Customizing MediaWiki
What We Can Customize
Chapter 9: Hacking MediaWiki
The File Structure
MediaWiki Hooks
Using Hooks
Extending Wiki Markup
Article Rating: A Cool Hack
Writing a New Special Page
Custom Namespaces
Change the Name of the Wiki
Chapter 10: MediaWiki Maintenance
Deploying MediaWiki
As your Site Grows
Maintaining MediaWiki
Upgrading MediaWiki
Chapter 11: Cool Hacks
Who is Online
Category Cloud
Google Maps
Amazon Ads

What You Will Learn

  • Installing MediaWiki and getting started quickly
  • Using special pages and domains
  • Running multiple wikis from a single installation
  • Incorporating images, multimedia, and advanced formatting
  • Structuring your wiki from the start for easy navigation as it grows
  • Managing users and protecting pages from vandalism
  • Creating new MediaWiki templates


In Detail

Run your own MediaWiki collaborative website with this fast-paced, friendly tutorial, which is full of information and advice for creating powerful MediaWiki sites, and filling them with varied and useful collaborative content. Whether you are creating a public wiki for completely open contributions, a private wiki for collaborating within your work team or group of friends, or even a wiki for personal use, this book will show you all the essential steps. You will see the various ways of organizing and managing content, and preventing collaboration from getting out of control. You'll learn how to incorporate images and other media into your pages, as well as becoming a wiki markup wizard to produce intricately formatted pages with tables, lists, and more. On the technical side, the book covers how to administer users, back up and restore content safely, migrate your installation to another server or database, and even make hacks to the code.

MediaWiki is the free, open-source wiki engine software that powers Wikipedia and many of the other popular wikis across the Web. Written in PHP, it possesses many features that make it the engine of choice for large collaborative wikis: flexible markup, comprehensive user management, multimedia handling, and more.


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