Instant Liferay Portal 6 Starter [Instant]

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Instant Liferay Portal 6 Starter [Instant]
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Learn in an Instant - Short, Fast, Focused
Table of Contents
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  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Get acquainted with Liferay’s interface
  • Learn the core concepts and terms of Liferay
  • Create and manage content and learn to apply workflow to it
  • Learn about collaboration and document management features

Book Details

Language : English
eBook : 54 pages
Release Date : March 2013
ISBN : 1782169660
ISBN 13 : 9781782169666
Author(s) : Sandeep Nair
Topics and Technologies : All Books, CMS and eCommerce, Instant, Open Source

Table of Contents

Instant Liferay Portal 6 Starter
  • Instant Liferay Portal 6 Starter
    • So, what is Liferay?
      • Overview about portals
      • Introduction to Liferay
    • Installation and setup
      • Step 1 – Prerequisites
      • Step 2 – Downloading Liferay
      • Step 3 – Starting the server
      • Step 4 – Doing necessary first-time configurations
      • And that's it!!
    • Quick start
      • Dockbar
      • Pages, portlets, layout templates, and themes
        • Pages
        • Portlets
        • Layout templates
        • Themes
      • Control Panel
      • Users
      • Sites
      • Organizations
      • User groups
      • Roles, permissions, and teams
        • Roles
        • Permissions
        • Teams
      • Page and site templates
        • Page templates
        • Site templates
      • Marketplace
        • Prerequisites
        • Downloading plugins
    • Top 5 features you need to know
      • 1 – Content management and workflow
        • Prerequisites
        • Creating and managing web content
        • Assigning workflow
        • Other functionalities
      • 2 – Document management
      • 3 – Collaboration
        • Blogs
        • Calendars
        • Message boards
        • Wiki
      • 4 – OpenSocial gadgets
        • Prerequisites
        • Steps
      • 5 – Dynamic Data Lists
    • People and places you should get to know
      • Official sites
      • Articles and tutorials
      • Community
      • Blogs
      • Twitter

Sandeep Nair

Sandeep has been working in Liferay for more than 4 years and has overall more than 7 years’ experience in Java and Java EE technologies. He has executed projects using Liferay in various domains such as construction, financial, and medical fields, providing solutions like collaboration, enterprise content management, and Web content Management systems.

He has created a free and open source Google Chartlet plugin for Liferay which has been downloaded and used by people across 90 countries according to sourceforge statistics. Besides development, consulting, and implementing solutions he has also been involved in giving training on Liferay in other countries. Before he jumped into Liferay he had experience in Java and Java EE platforms and worked in EJB, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, and Servicemix.He also has experience in using JitterBit, which is an ETL tool.

He has also authored Liferay Beginner’s Guide with Packt Publishing.

When he is not coding, he loves to read books and write blogs.

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What you will learn from this book

  • Set up and get familiar with Liferay's interface
  • Learn about user management and creation of your site
  • Create a hierarchy with organizations
  • Set up roles and permissions
  • Understand Liferay’s Marketplace
  • Explore the collaboration features along with Dynamic Data Lists and OpenSocial Gadgets
  • Get an overview of content management, document management, and workflow

In Detail

Instant Liferay Portal 6 Starter is a newbie guide to understanding the concepts of Liferay Portal. Learn how to build a site from scratch and some of the key features of Liferay.

Having data and content aggregated from various sources on one page has paved the way for a number of portals. Liferay has grown rapidly and made its presence felt when it comes to open source enterprise portals.

Instant Liferay Portal 6 Starter will show you how to set up Liferay and create a site. It will give you a basic idea of how to structure your site, the concept of portals, and will showcase Liferay’s unique features that make it stand out from the rest of the portals.

You will learn how to manage users, group them into a hierarchy, and govern the access levels. You will also learn how to create sites and manage pages. It will take you through other significant features like content management, document management, and collaboration. With it you can explore some of the latest features, and learn important concepts and terminologies of Liferay 6.1, which will help you reduce your programming efforts.


Get to grips with a new technology, understand what it is and what it can do for you, and then get to work with the most important features and tasks. A simple Starter approach towards understanding significant areas of portals such as content management, document management, and collaboration. It also provides an overview of Liferay concepts and terminologies.

Who this book is for

Instant Liferay Portal 6 Starter is great for new users who want to know what Liferay is all about. It will quickly give them an overview about Liferay Portal and its features. It is also good for those who want to analyze whether Liferay is fit for their requirements and are interested in what unique features Liferay can offer.

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