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Going Viral

by Nathan Danneman Richard Heimann | March 2014 | Open Source

In this article by Nathan Danneman and Richard Heimann, the authors of Social Media Mining with R, introduces readers to the concept of social media mining. This article discusses sentiment analysis, the nature of contemporary online communication, and the facets of Big Data that allow social media mining to be such a powerful tool.

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Adding Animations

by David Horachek | March 2014 | Games Open Source

In this article by David Horachek, the author of Creating E-Learning Games with Unity, discusses the various animation systems in Unity3D.

Until this point, we have been successfully developing our game with the in-editor primitives provided by Unity3D. To add a professional layer of polish, we will learn how to add skinned models and various types of animations to our e-learning game. We will download skinned mesh models and animations from a popular site and learn how to integrate them into the game, as we develop a character motion system. We will also learn about the in-editor animation editor and how it can be used to animate static meshes (appropriate for in-game models such as buildings, cars, and statues that are not weighted to a 3D skeletal hierarchy).

In this article, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Exploring 3D hierarchies
  • Skinned meshes in Unity3D
  • Exploring the Mechanim animation system
  • Exploring the Unity Animation editor
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by Sébastien Armand | March 2014 | Open Source Web Development

In this article by Sébastien Armand, the author of the book Extending Symfony2 Web Application Framework, has discussed about the basics of services in the Symfony2 framework. A service is an essential and core concept in Symfony2. In fact, most of the framework itself is just a big set of predefined services that are ready to use. As an example, if you just set up a new installation of Symfony2, from your project root, you can type php app/console container:debug to see the full list of services currently defined in your application. As you can see, even before we start writing anything for our application, we already have almost 200 services defined. The php app/console container:debug <service_name> command will provide information about a specific service and will be a useful command to refer to throughout the article.

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Design, Install, and Configure

by Joel Lindberg Peter Björk Peter von Oven | March 2014 | Enterprise Articles

In this article by Michael Larkin, author of VMware Horizon Workspace Essentials, we will cover the basic installation and configuration of Horizon Workspace 1.5. After making sure all the prerequisites are in place, we can now deploy the Horizon Workspace vApp.

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Processing the Case

by Fernando Carbone | March 2014 | Open Source

This article by Fernando Carbone, the author of the book Computer Forensics with FTK, will cover how to use the most important features for processing and filtering data during an investigation process.

The processing step is considered to be the most important step because the correct utilization of its functionality can be decisive in the relevant results of an investigation.

You will understand the importance of the correct use of the Time Zone feature and how this impacts the properties of the files, and learn how to use filters and searches. Finally, you will be able to generate a report of your findings.

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