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  • Start to code with Weka and Java
  • Load the data
  • Select and filter attributes
  • Train a classifier
  • Create your own classifier
  • Test and evaluate your models
  • Construct regression models
  • Build association rules and clusters
  • Predict house value
  • Implement direct marketing applications

Data mining has become one of the hottest topics in computer science, mainly due to the vast amounts of data in diverse applications such as market basket analysis, reactive business intelligence, human genome sequence mining, speech recognition, document search, and spam detection.

Instant Weka How-to shows you exactly how to include Weka’s machinery in your Java application to stay ahead by implementing cutting-edge data-mining aspects such as regression and classification, and then moving on to more advanced applications of forecasting, decision making, and recommendations.

This book shows you exactly how to include Weka’s machinery in your Java application. The book starts by importing and preparing the data, and then moves on to more serious topics on classification, regression, clustering, and evaluation. For those of you who are eager to dive deeper, this book shows you how to implement online learning or how to create your own classifier. The book includes several application examples such as house price prediction, stock value forecasting, and decision making for direct marketing.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • A practical guide with examples and applications of programming Weka in Java
  • Start with the basics and dive deeper into the more advanced aspects of Weka
  • Learn how to include Weka’s machinery in your Java application
Page Count 80
Course Length 2 hours 24 minutes
ISBN 9781782163879
Date Of Publication 20 Jun 2013


Bostjan Kaluza

Bostjan Kaluza is a researcher in artificial intelligence and machine learning with extensive experience in Java and Python. Bostjan is the chief data scientist at Evolven, a leading IT operations analytics company. He works with machine learning, predictive analytics, pattern mining, and anomaly detection to turn data into relevant information. Prior to Evolven, Bostjan served as a senior researcher in the department of intelligent systems at the Jozef Stefan Institute and led research projects involving pattern and anomaly detection, ubiquitous computing, and multi-agent systems. In 2013, Bostjan published his first book, Instant Weka How-To, published by Packt Publishing, exploring how to leverage machine learning using Weka.